Safety storage under counter cabinets

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The UB-LINE fits perfectly under the fume cupboard: Suitable for unrestricted storage of flammable hazardous materials in high-risk areas according to UL/ULC 1275, EN 16121/16122 and DIN EN 14470-1 and TRGS 510 and complies with OSHA and NFPA standards.

Our product configurator allows you to adapt the cabinet to your individual requirements. Whether in terms of size or interior design - experience maximum flexibility.

 Safety storage under counter cabinets

In a fire, every second matters. In many countries outside Europe, sheet steel cabinets are considered acceptable if they protect the flammable contents for about 10 minutes in case of a fire. 

Could you evacuate your facility completely and safely in 10 minutes?

How about 30 or even 90 minutes of fire protection? 

Increasing the evacuation time from 10 to 90 minutes can save lives and protect investments!   ► read more

Why should flammable liquids be stored in a safety cabinet?

 Why should flammable liquids be stored in a safety cabinet?

Are you unsure whether you should store your hazardous materials in an EN Type 90 cabinet and what are the advantages?

Then take a look at the comparison of a double-walled steel cabinet with an EN Type 90 cabinet, which shows the impressive differences.

From the construction of the safety cabinet to the fire test and the interior fittings - we have listed the differences between the two cabinet models.


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UB-LINE – Under counter units

UB-LINE – Under counter units

► Advantages

  • Fire resistance of 90 minutes
  • UL/ULC 1275 listed
  • Furnace tested (type test) in accordance with EN 14470-1
  • CE conformity
  • GS approval
  • EN 16121/16122 conformity
UB-LINE – Under counter units


► Features

  • Function:
    • Outer body and doors made of sheet steel, light gray (RAL 7035)
    • Integrated air ducts ready for connection to a technical exhaust system
  • Wing door and drawer
    • Doors and drawers can be opened with minimal effort
    • 135° opening of the wing door
    • Safe access to all containers, the interior of the drawer is completely visible
    • Drawers are standard fitted with earthing wire incl. clamp and with seal welded sump
    • Doors and drawers lockable with cylinder locking and locking state indicator
    • Doors and drawers are self-closing and self-sealing in the event of fire
UB-LINE – Under counter units
  • Standard interior equipment
    • Sump integrated in the cabinet, load capacity 110 lb (cabinet with drawers)
    • Castors with plinth
    • Bottom collecting sump (cabinet / compartment with wing doors)
    • Perforated insert


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