Safe storage of compressed gas cylinders

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Storage of compressed gas cylinders - this is how dangerous it can be!

The experiments in our video show how quickly unprotected gas cylinders can explode and what devastating effects such explosion can have! 

A type G90 compressed gas cylinder cabinet according to EN 14470-2 by asecos offers 90 minutes of protection to reliably prevent a worst-case scenario.


When it burns, every second counts.
In some countries outside Europe, sheet steel cabinets are considered acceptable as long as they have a fire resistance of 10 minutes.

But could you evacuate your facility completely and safely within 10 minutes? How about 30 or even 90 minutes of fire protection? 
Increasing the evacuation time from 10 to 90 minutes can save lives and protect investments.

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Why a safety cabinet for compressed gas cylinders?

In addition to flammable hazardous materials or liquids, compressed gas cylinders also pose a high risk of accidents and fire. To keep these dangers as low as possible, asecos has developed the G-LINE compressed gas cylinder cabinets. With a fire resistance of 90 minutes, you give your institution as well as the rescue services enough time to evacuate the people and building.

Don't look away, react early and minimize the potential danger!


G-LINE - gas cylinder cabinets

Our GS-tested safety storage cabinets of the G-LINE are suitable for the safe storage of compressed gas cylinders in working areas according to EN 14470-2 and TRGS 510. The G-ULTIMATE-90 cabinets offer maximum safety when storing gas cylinders - 90 minutes fire resistance (type G90).

Unique on the market: The gas cylinder cabinet with 23,62 inch width for the storage of two 50-litre steel gas cylinders or two 40-litre aluminium gas cylinders with a diameter of 9,05 inch.


G-LINE - gas cylinder cabinets

 G-LINE - gas cylinder cabinets

► Advantages

  • Fire resistance 90 minutes
  • Furnace tested (type test) in accordance with EN 14470-2
  • GS approval
  • CE conformity
  • EN 16121/16122 conformity
 G-LINE - gas cylinder cabinets


► Features

  • Function
    • Easy installation of fittings and pipes - large interior height, many lead-through possibilities on the top of the cabinet
    • Outer body and doors made of sheet steel, light gray (RAL 7035) or laboratory white (sim. RAL 9016)
    • Integrated air ducts ready for connection to a technicla exhaust system
    • Complete and uniform ventilation of the cabinet interior from the bottom to the top
    • Adjusting aids to compensate for uneven floor
  • Wing door
    • Doors lockable with cylinder locking (integration in locking system possible)
  • Standard interior equipment
    • Standard interior equipment - complete with mounting rails, rolling ramp, cylinder retainer and matching tension belts
    • Cylinder retainer over the entire cabinet width
    • Lateral cylinder retainer - for two 10-litre cylinders, alternatively also in height-adjustable version (no tools required) / not available for model G90.205.060.2F

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