Safety storage cabinets / Flammable storage cabinets

Storage of hazardous substances at work

In many companies and laboratories, the use of hazardous substances is an unavoidable part of everyday work. During daily use flammable substances can pose various risks to people, the environment and property. The use of special safety storage cabinets for flammable liquids and hazardous substances is highly recommended, reducing the risk of fire.

Flammable storage cabinets (approved according to EN 14470-1 / 14470-2) provide up to 90 minutes fire protection and enable an internal storage of highly flammable chemicals.

Range of safety storage cabinets

As the global leader in the manufacture of safety storage cabinets for hazardous materials according to EN 14470 part 1 and part 2, asecos has the perfect solution for every application. Driven by the conviction to develop innovative and intelligent solutions, asecos create products that offer the highest degree of protection and comfort in daily work since 1994. Individual solutions from asecos are used in agriculture, research, industry and laboratories, amongst others.

Find the right safety storage cabinet to protect you and your business from dangerous and hazardous substances:

The cabinet depth of 86 cm makes full use of the space next to the fume hood.

V-LINE safety storage cabinets for flammable hazardous materials

  • Vertical drawer technology with maximum comfort for the user
  • Construction: Identical storage capacity as standard cabinets - with just half the cabinet width
  • Thanks to the vertical drawer design, lab workers have a perfect overview of stored materials and can access all stored containers from both sides.
  • Approvals: EN 14470-1, EN 16121/16122

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Q-LINE flammable storage cabinet: Extremely robust design with scratch-proof surface.

Q-LINE flammable storage cabinets for flammable hazardous materials 

  • Flexibility of the installation site thanks to the integrated transport base
  • Choice of 7 door colours at no extra cost
  • Approvals: EN 14470-1, FM 6050, UL/ULC 1275, GS, EN 16121/16122

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Safe storage of hazardous substances directly at the workplace.

S-LINE flammable storage cabinets for flammable hazardous materials

  • The classic range of flammable storage cabinets
  • Wide range of half-sized and full-sized cabinets
  • Multiple options for the configuration of the interior equipment
  • We also have a choice of alternative door closing options
  • Approvals: EN 14470-1, GS, EN 16121/16122

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Safe storage of acids and alkalis as well as flammable substances in just one cabinet.

K-LINE - Combined storage of up to 3 different hazardous substances in one cabinet

  • Combination safety storage cabinets allow a safe, separate storage of acids, alkalis and flammable liquids in just one cabinet.
  • Two hermetically separated storage compartments with fire resistant dividing wall
  • Approvals: EN 14470-1, GS, EN 16121/16122

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Extra large storage capacity with optional transport base.

XL-LINE - XL storage space for drums or large containers

  • Drum cabinets are ideal for large quantities of materials or chemical drums.
  • Ideally located in warehousing or stores this is a perfect solution for your bulk stocks.
  • Optional rack system for small containers with adjustable storage levels.
  • Approvals: EN 14470-1, GS

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Under bench cabinets are designed to be located perfectly under laboratory fume hoods and work benches.

UB-LINE - flammable storage cabinets for flammable hazardous materials

  • More than 40 model options, suitable for a range of bench sizes.
  • Choice of drawer and door versions, with or without additional disposal systems available.
  • The cabinets blend wonderfully into your laboratory processes including supply and waste disposal systems.
  • Approvals: EN 14470-1, FM 6050, UL/ULC 1275, GS, EN 16121/16122

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Flexibility of location in the workspace due to the integrated transport base and ductless operation.

Cabinets with integrated filtration systems for the storage of the most diverse hazardous materials (organic and inorganic) in one cabinet

  • Flammable hazardous materials of any kind can be stored in fire-protected recirculating air filter storage cabinets.
  • Non-flammable liquids, toxins as well as acids and bases can be stored in recirculating air filter storage cabinets without fire protection. 

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Safe gas cylinder storage in workrooms.

G-LINE - Safe indoor storage and provision of pressurised gas cylinders

  • Gas cylinder cabinets are ideal for safely housing gas cylinders indoors.
  • When you demand high purity gases close to your laboratory or industrial process, the cabinets are designed to provide the highest protection possible.
  • A range of sizes are available for a variety of compressed gas cylinders.
  • For connecting the cylinder to a process, there is an area on the roof of the cabinet for pipe lead throughs.
  • Approvals:  EN 14470-2, GS, EN 16121/16122 
  • asecos also offers a range of external gas cylinder cabinets in addition to the indoors range.

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The risk of fire increases as soon as lithium-ion batteries are charged unattended.

ION-LINE cabinets for the storage and charging of lithium-ion batteries

  • Robust industrial quality with up to 60 charging points
  • Maximum charging capacity of up to 11.04 kW
  • Charging cabinet with electronic monitoring (smoke detector and temperature) and fire suppression system
  • Approvals: EN 14470-1, EN 1363-1

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SL-LINE cabinets for a combined storage of acids and alkalis:

  • Corrosion-resistant and durable construction with separated and sealed storage compartments.
  • Corrosion-resistant interior, perfectly adjustable to suit container sizes.
  • Optionally available with a separate built-in compartment for the storage of hydrofluoric acid. Further information on storing hydrofluoric acid is available here

C-LINE cabinets for a combined storage of non flammable chemicals and toxic substances: 

  • Robust construction with up to 4 separated storage compartments.
  • Wide choice of colours, doors and interior configurations.

E-LINE environmental cabinets for the storage of non flammable water pollutants and pesticides :

  • Sturdy free standing cabinets in sheet-steel construction.
  • With galvanised bottom collecting sump and height adjustable tray shelves (galvanised sheet steel) and optional type 30 safety box.

Internal storage of hazardous materials

The many different properties of hazardous materials place specific demands on the design of safety storage cabinets. For the storage of flammable liquids, a fire-resistant design is important in order to protect the stored material from a critical temperature increase in the event of fire. For aggressive materials such as corrosive liquids however, the main priority is corrosion resistance.

The space you have available can also have a significant influence on the choice of your cabinet. Integrated storage solutions play an essential role in the modern laboratory. asecos laboratory safety storage cabinets can be perfectly integrated into laboratory benching, blending into the room structure. Our freestanding cabinets create the perfect central storage point for all laboratory personnel.

asecos offers a wide range of fully customisable safety storage cabinets (hazardous material cabinets) for the storage of compressed gas cylinders as well as for the storage of flammable and non-flammable, aggressive hazardous materials and chemicals. Every asecos safety cabinet is tested according to BS EN 14470-1 or 14470-2 (fire resistance 90 minutes) and TRGS 510, GS-certified, CE-compliant & EN 16121 / EN 16122 compliant. Cabinets in the Q-CLASSIC-90 and Q-CLASSIC-30 model groups and over 20 under bench safety storage cabinets have been successfully tested according to UL Standard 1275 and ULC /ORD – C1275-84-Standard.

Cabinet models are available in various widths with a wide variety of equipment options (e.g. with shelves, full-extension sliding runners or with a bottom collecting sump), with self-closing doors, folding doors, hinged doors or vertical runners.

Ventilation / extraction of safety storage cabinets

In most cases the atmosphere inside the safety storage cabinets need to be extracted. asecos cabinets are prepared and ready for connection to a ventilation system as standard. The connection points are located on the ceiling of the free-standing tall cabinets which makes it possible to place several units side-by-side. Under bench cabinets have their connection points at the rear for convenient integration into the fume hood. If it is not possible to connect to a central ventilation system or LEV, asecos offers plug-in filtration systems, where hazardous fumes are extracted and then filtered and released into the working environment as clean air.