Gas cylinder storage cabinets

Safe and approved outdoor storage

Gas is an extremely dangerous substance. Incorrect storage of gas bottles and cylinders can increase the risk of fire and explosion, so storing them safely is incredibly important.

As the market leader for safety storage cabinets, asecos has designed and manufactured a wide range of gas cylinder cabinets for the safe inside and outside storage. The cabinets shield the cylinders safely from external influences and reduce the risk potential to a minimum. All gas cylinder cabinets comply with the highest regulatory standards.

Cabinets for a safe and approved outdoor storage of flammable, toxic or liquid gases.

Outdoor storage of gas cylinders and liquid gases

For storing individual cylinders or other small amounts inside a building, a fire resistant gas cylinder cabinet is the ideal solution:
► Cabinets for indoor storage.

If you do place your cylinder storage outdoors, you can choose between the following cabinets:

Pressurised gas cylinder cabinets (G-OD)

Safe outdoor storage and provision of compressed gas cylinders.

  • For up to 5 x 50-litre gas cylinders
  • Robust and corrosion-resistant construction
  • Gas cylinders can be stored according to TRG 510
  • Sloping roof with supernatant allows water to drain
  • Various door types, with or without glass cut outs
  • Solid 3-point locking mechanism
  • Effective ventilation through openings beneath the doors and at the rear wall
  • Incl. mounting rails, cylinder retainer and matching tension belts

Cabinets for the storage of liquid gases

Liquid gas cabinet for 4 x 33 kg cylinders.

  • Cabinets available either as sealed or ventilated models
  • Completely made of galvanised sheet steel, high protection agains corrosion
  • Doors are available in perforated or closed version
  • Doors lockable with cylinder locking
  • Liquid gas cabinets can accommodate either 2 x 33 kg cylinders or 1 x 11 kg cylinder