asecos – Professional Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials

Robust, high-quality con- struction • Perfect for the installation in outside areas • Completely galvanised sheet steel con- struction with plastic laminated structured surface • Stainless steel base • Sloping roof with supernatant allows water to drain Door variations • Folding doors with large opening angle • Doors also available with fixed or hinged window – all fittings at a glance, even with doors closed Maximum storage volume • For up to five 50-litres pressurised gas cylinders Further features of this model class Locking • Solid 3-point locking with lockable turning lever (also available as profile cylinder lock, cabinets can be integrated by the customer in an existing master key system) Ventilation • Effective ventilation through openings beneath the doors and at the rear wall Comfortable adjusting possibilities • Integrated adjusting aids in the cabinet base ensure a fast and effective compensa- tion for uneven floor of up to 10 mm Possible interior equipment • Standard interior equipment complete with mounting rails, cylinder retainer and matching tension belts • Rolling ramp simple rolling in and removal of the gas cylinders • Lateral cylinder retainer for two 10-litre cylinders, height-ad- justable version (no tools required) • Shelves height-adjustable version (no tools required), load capacity 75 kg 1 2 G-OD Overview: model class G-OD Safe and approved outdoor storage of flammable or toxic gases – for up to 5 x 50-litre gas cylinders 440