asecos – Professional Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials

22 G-LINE 90/30 Safe storage and provision of pressurised gas cylinders Part 2 FX-/CX-/SLX-LINE Cabinets with integrated filtration systems E-LINE Storage of non flammable water pollutants C-LINE Combined storage of non flammable chemicals and toxic substances SL-LINE Combined storage of non flammable acids and alkalis UB-LINE 90/30 Cabinets for integration into fume hoods or work benches XL-LINE XL storage space for drums or large containers K-LINE Combined storage of different hazardous substances in one cabinet S-LINE 90/30 The classic range of flammable storage cabinets Q-LINE 90/30 Flammable storage cabinets with extra sturdy construction V-LINE 90 Vertical drawer technology with maximum operating comfort Content part 1 – Safety storage cabinets