Fire resistant gas cylinder cabinets

The solution for safe storage of compressed gas cylinders

Compressed gases are commonly used in the laboratory and in companies for a broad range of applications. Improper and unprofessional storage of compressed gas cylinders can cause accidents, fire incidents or explosions. How quickly flammable compressed gases become a source of danger and what kind of explosions these can cause can be seen in the video (click on the image to the right).

To ensure safety, compressed gas cylinders should be stored properly and safely in special gas cylinder storage cabinets. asecos, as the market leader for fire-resistant safety storage cabinets, offers a variety of products for the storage, provision and extraction of compressed gases.

The video shows how fast gas cylinders can explode and how dangerous the storage of compressed gas cylinders can be.

Gas cylinder cabinets ensure a safe and legally compliant gas cylinder storage both indoors and outdoors.

Storing gas cylinders in working environments

With respect to the fire-resistant compressed gas cylinder cabinets, the 90 minute standard would have outdone the old cabinet models with less flame resistance within a few years and turned out into state-of-the-art. This is reason enough for asecos to once again work intensively on these models and improve them further in terms of customer ergonomics and handling as well as extend the range of models and the accessories available.

Fireproof gas cylinder cabinets

The asecos product range includes 30 and 90 minute fire resistant gas cylinder cabinets for the storage of flammable or toxic gases. These cabinets offer the highest available quality and conform to legal requirements: Certified to EN 14470-2 standard, fulfill all requirements of TRGS 510 and EN 16121 / 16122, GS certified.

Safe indoor storage and provision of compressed gas cylindersn in a hospital.

In a gas cylinder cabinet with fire protection, a large number of compressed gas cylinders can be stored directly in the working area: 4 x 50 litre, 3 x 50 litre, 2 x 50 litre, 1 x 50 litre and 2 x 10 litre gas cylinders.

Cabinet models & features: 

  • Gas cylinder cabinets G-ULTIMATE-90 (90 minutes fire resistance, optimal ventilation that complies with the standard)
  • Gas cylinder cabinets G-CLASSIC-30 (30 minutes fire resistance, convince due to proven technology)

Unique in the market: Gas cylinder cabinet model G90.205.060.2F (width: 60 cm).

  • Equipment: Interior is perfectly optimised for various types of pressurised gas cylinders - flexible lead-through possibilities.
  • Technical ventilation: Ready for connection to a technical ventilation system.
    Minimum recommended extraction rates of 10 to 120 air changes per hour.
  • Unique in the market: Gas cylinder cabinet model G90.205.060.2F (see image) for the storage of two 50 litre steel gas cylinders or two 40 litre aluminium gas cylinders with a diameter of 230 mm.