Safe storage of flammable gases and liquids together -

made possible by the new SP method 2369 version 6 (2018)

Whether in department stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, petrol stations or do-it-yourself stores - small and large containers of flammable gases or  aerosols, and flammable liquids e.g. in the form of acetone or perfume, can be found everywhere.

The danger associated with them is not always obvious. Nevertheless, more than 200 fires occur in shops every year - caused by leaking flammable gases (which ignite when mixed with air) or flammable liquids.

With such a fire, there is always a high risk of injury to persons. There is also the risk of an explosion and the rapid spread of fire. In addition to the risk of injury, the financial impact on the business must be considered, together with the damage to image and the consequential costs of extinguishing a fire.

SP Method 2369 Version 6: What is new and what has changed?

Compared to previous versions of the test method, safety cabinets tested according to SP Method 2369 Version 6 have the following characteristics:

  • increased fire resistance of 30 minutes (previously only 20 minutes)

  • max. 75 °C temperature increase inside the cabinet
    (previously permissible up to + 200 °C)

  • high-quality stainless steel hinges according to EN 1935:2002
    (tested for more than 200.000 door closures)

  • Door closer according to EN1154



Is your storage still legal? Are you affected by the changes?

The new MSBFS 2020:1 regulations of the MSB for handling combustible gases and aerosols came into force on 1 August 2020.

Existing certifications for SP 2369 tested safety cabinets automatically expire 2 years after the new certification rules have been published - i.e. on 31 July 2022.

The new standard thus affects most safety cabinets sold to date. Only liquids or aerosols may be stored in these safety cabinets certified according to the previous test method.


Do you need to take action to meet the new rules?

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Storage in safety cabinets - the recommendation of the MSB

The MSB recommends that flammable goods in salesrooms should be protected from fire and stored in safety cabinets. 

This is to prevent: 

  • a fire reaching the combustible materials
  • the flammable goods starting to burn or explode
  •  the flammable goods obstructing evacuation in the event of fire
  •  a fire spreading



MSB requirements for the storage of flammable gases and liquids

The storage of flammable gases and liquids outside of fire-resistant safety cabinets - e.g. on open shelves - is not generally prohibited. 

However, it is subject to strict quantity limits, segregation and distance rules.

For example:

  • flammable gases and liquids are stored separately

  • Keep containers with flammable liquid at a minimum distance of 6 metres from exits


In its manual 1538, the MSB precisely describes the storage of these hazardous substances.

These specifications naturally restrict the presentation of goods in sales rooms and use up valuable floor space.



Storing flammable gases and liquids together - it is possible!

For this reason, RISE subjected test method SP 2369, a protective system for storing flammable goods at points of sale in fire-retardant cabinets (so-called safety cabinets) to extensive modifications in May 2018.

Due to the new regulations on the handling of flammable gases and aerosol containers with flammable contents laid down by the MSB in MSBFS 2020:1, the test method SP 2369 was changed

The new regulations now allow the joint storage of flammable gases and liquids in the same safety cabinet.




Only safety cabinets that pass the test of the new SP method 2369 version 6 and for which a certification according to SPCR 102 is available, are approved by the MSB for the joint storage of flammable gases and liquids!

With its SP-LINE models, asecos offers probably the first and only product that fulfils the new and stricter criteria
of SP Method 2369 Version 6.


The asecos SP-LINE - The safety storage cabinet for retail salesrooms


You want to store your flammable liquids and gas cartridges together? 

The asecos SP-LINE supports you in achieving optimum product presentation.

Our safety storage cabinets are available in two different heights and widths - providing a solution for every sales outlet.


Cabinet design highlights:

  • large viewing window
  • bright LED interior lighting
  • up to 275 litres storage capacity
  • height adjustable shelves
  • shelves with load capacity of 75 kg
  • high-quality stainless steel door hinges
  • variable adjustment of the door closing speed
  • ergonomic aluminium door handle
  • and much more.



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