asecos - Professional Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials 2020-2021

Q-CLASSIC-90 Overview: model class Q-CLASSIC-90 Safe and approved storage of flammable hazardous substances in working areas Robust talent • Extremely robust design with scratch-proof surface • Triple hinged door for extreme strain • Safety elements assembled outside the storage compartment for increased protec- tion against corrosion High flexibility • Integrated transport base for simple inhouse transport • Cabinet can be transported upright through doors (all Q-LINE models) • Adjustable feet installed in the base allow the safe and fast compensation of minor surface unevenness Warranty up to 10 years • The quality of Q convinces. That’s why we give you a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 10 years Further features of this model class Modern bicolour design • The Q-CLASSIC brings colour to your workplace: choice of seven door colours at no extra cost • Language-free labelling for optimum inter- national usability Cylinder lock with locking status indicator • Doors lockable with cylinder lock; the cabinets can be integrated by the customer in an existing master key system • Locking status indicator (red/green) signals the locking status of the cabinet Visual inspection of the exhaust air function • Integrated air ducts ready for connection (DN 75) to a technical exhaust system • Visual inspection of the exhaust air function in the exhaust grille (rotating fan impeller) Possible interior equipment • Metal-free interior equip- ment for the storage of aggres- sive hazardous materials • As standard with removable plastic sump • Drawers with high storage volumes, ideal for storing small containers • Height-adjustable shelves in different versions • Bottom collecting sump — safe collection of leakages • Usable as storage level in conjuction with perforated insert 1 2 3 4 66