asecos - Professional Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials 2020-2021

Order example 1. Choose a safety storage cabinet 2. Now choose your prefered door colour 3. Now choose your prefered interior equipment package 1 2 3 4 5 - 040 - 1 2 3 4 5 Z Z Hazard pictograms Flammable liquids Skin irrita- tion Acute toxity Corrosive Corrosive (limited) Dangerous for the en- vironment Compressed gasses Features Type GS approved EN 16121/ EN 16122- approved CE declaration FM approved UL approved Width Height Special Depth Wing door Wing door with window Wing door with hinged window TÜV approved asecos warranty Wing door with vent openings Folding door Features - Handling TÜV approved DIBt approved Material: steel Material: polyethylene Capacity Features - Sorbents OIL Sorbents UNIVERSAL Sorbents SPECIAL Sorbents asecos product categories Safety storage cabinets Air purifica- tion con- cepts* Service Extraction of hazardous materials Sump sys- tems and container Handling of hazardous materials Sensor controlled (automatic) door Electronic opening and closing Drawer Door arrest system Automatic door closing One hand operation for double door cabinets Cylinder locking Profile cylin- der locking Locking state indicator Square locking Transport base Castors with plinth Base with vent openings Shelf Perforated shelf Tray shelf Tray shelf metal-free Drawer Pull-out shelf Maximised interior height Type 30 safety box Wall mounting Dividing wall vertical Dividing wall horizontal Rack system Comfort rolling ramp Storage capacity drums Storage capacity IBC/KTC Transport- able sump Movable sump *not included in this catalogue Rolling ramp Lithium- Ion- Batteries Outlet strips Storage box for hydroflu- oric acid SOFT-CLOSE Perforated body Vertical drawer Adjusting aids Grid shelf Closed body Refrigerating unit Technical ventilation Recirculating air filter