asecos - Professional Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials 2020-2021

Recirculating air filter systems You can avoid this in the future! Our solution: the asecos recirculating air filter system Extraction air monitoring • Permanent, electronic monitoring of the extraction air quantity • Integrated pressure drop sensor • Optical and acoustical alarm including potential-free alarm contact Filter monitoring • Continous monitoring of the filter saturation • Two-stage alarm: optical and potential-free switch contact Installation, easy and safe in just two steps: • Position the recirculating air filter unit on top of the cabinet • Plug in the power cord • Optionally use the potential-free contact for alarm activation Operating principle Fresh air supply from the working area Return of the cleaned air into the working area Your advantages • Avoid complex wall and ceiling openings and expensive exhaust air ducts • High flexibility in choosing the installation location • Active personal protection through safe capture of harmful vapours with reten- tion in the filter system • Very low noise, only approx. 39 dB (A) • Principle avoidance of hazardous area zones inside and around the safety storage cabinet according to BGR 104 (Ex-RL) 500