asecos - Professional Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials 2020-2021

Gas cylinder trolley Direct placement of gas cylinders into asecos gas cylinder cabinets Comfort interior equipment Extremely flat rolling angle, optimum slip resistance, folding out almost weightlessly Cylinder lock integrated in the door handle The cabinet can be integrated into a locking system Complete ventilation In the interior from the bottom to the top G-ULTIMATE-90  140 cm  Safe and approved storage of flammable or toxic gases in working areas – for up to 4 x 50-litre gas cylinders or 8 x 10-litre gas cylinders Function / construction: • Robust construction and longevity: body made of powder-coated sheet steel • No unauthorised use: doors lockable with profile cylinder (integration in an existing locking system possible) • Easy alignment: adjusting aids to compensate for uneven floor • Easy mounting of connecting pipes and gas fittings: large interior height (1890 mm), many lead-through possibil- ities on the top of the cabinet • Ventilation: integrated air ducts ready for connection (DN 75) to a technical exhaust, even ventilation inside the cabinet • Tested and certified: according to the stricter GS principles Available equipment: • Cylinder retainer – variable installation in the cabinet, flexibly adjustable in depth, across the entire width of the cabinet • Comfort interior equipment – complete with mounting rails, rolling ramp (L = 350 mm) with pneumatic damper, cylinder retainer and matching tension belts • Standard interior equipment – complete with mounting rails, rolling ramp and cylinder retainer • Lateral cylinder retainer – for two 10-litre cylinders, alterna- tively in height adjustable version (no tools required) EK5 / AK4–ProdSG EN 16121 EN 16122 Gas cylinder cabinet G-ULTIMATE-90 model G90.205.140 light grey (RAL 7035), interior equipment with 1 x standard interior equipment gas cylinders (sheet steel galvanised and powder coated) Order No. 30641-001-30642 4 468