asecos - Professional Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials 2020-2021

Multifunctional • The SLX-CLASSIC recirculating air filter storage cabinets enable the common storage, extraction and filtration of the most diverse aggressive acids, alkalis and further chemicals in one cabinet Flexibility³ • Flexibility in the choice of the place of installation • Flexibility in the storage of different hazard- ous materials • Flexibility in the choice of the appropriate interior equipment Extraction and filtration • Filtration of inorganic and/or weakly aggres- sive hazardous materials • Recirculating air filter tested and certified by accredited testing body (Infraserv Höchst) in accordance with GefahrstoffV (German Hazardous Substances Act) Further features of this model class Safety in operation • The filters used for the filtering of inorganic hazardous materials must be checked with all models by means of a manual testing device for filter saturation. This is supported by an electronic reminder function (visual and acoustic). The check itself takes place using suitable means of testing (e.g. test tube with pump) High quality and durable • Outer body made of epoxy-resin-coated high-grade steel plate and inside made of highly resistant melamine-resin-coated special plates Eco-friendly • Long filter lifetimes • Environmentally and customer-friendly reusable filter system SLX-CLASSIC Overview: model class SLX-CLASSIC Safe and approved storage of aggressive, non flammable hazardous materials in workrooms Possible interior equipment • Pull-out shelves incl. sump made of plastic • Storage of bulk packs • Separately lockable storage box for hydrofluoric acid including corrosion-resistant polypropylene sump 1 2 3 448