asecos - Professional Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials 2020-2021

FX-PEGASUS-90 · FX-CLASSIC-90 · FX-DISPLAY-30 • Fire resistance of 90 minutes (type 90), type-tested in accordance with EN 14470-1 • Fire resistance of 30 minutes (type 30), type-tested in accordance with EN 14470-1 EK5 / AK4–ProdSG • GS-test of the Q-LINE safety storage cabinets according to the requirements of EN 14470-1 EN 16121 EN 16122 • Conformity in accordance with the requirements of EN 16121 and 16122 (EN 16121:2013+A1:2017) • Excellent products with special manufac- turer warranty • Extended manufacturer warranty of up to five years in connection with an asecos service tariff Recirculating air filter storage cabinets for the fire-protected storage of hazardous materials of any kind 427