asecos - Professional Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials 2020-2021

Safety for employees • Avoidance of explosive atmospheres • Extraction and filtering of vapours that are harmful to health Flexibility³ • Flexibility in the choice of the place of installation • Flexibility in the storage of different hazard- ous materials • Flexibility in the choice of the appropriate interior equipment Multifunctional • The FX-LINE recirculating air filter storage cabinets enable the common storage, extraction and filtration of the most diverse hazardous materials in one cabinet Further features of this model class Electronic monitoring • Filter saturation by solvent vapours (hydro- carbons) • Air recirculation rate (exhaust air quantity) • Service intervals • Scheduling for the manual filter saturation check Modern bicolour system • The new recirculating air filter storage cabi- nets bring colour to your workplace • Body in modern Anthracite grey • Cabinet doors available in Traffic red, Warn- ing yellow or Light grey Eco-friendly • Long filter lifetimes • Environmentally and customer-friendly reusable filter system Possible interior equipment • Metal-free interior equip- ment for the storage of aggres- sive hazardous materials • As standard with removable plastic sump • Drawers with high storage volumes, ideal for storing small containers • Height-adjustable shelves in different versions • Bottom collecting sump — safe collection of leakages • Usable as storage level in conjuction with perforated insert 1 2 3 4 FX-PEGASUS-90 · FX-CLASSIC-90 · FX-DISPLAY-30 Overview: model classes FX-PEGASUS-90, FX-CLASSIC-90 and FX-DISPLAY-30 Safe and approved storage of flammable liquids and further hazardous substances 426