asecos - Professional Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials 2020-2021

1 2 3 4 425 Unpack the device, open the housing front and remove the filter Commissioning and filter change Plug in the low-temperature IEC power cable and switch on the device Insert the filter unit, fasten it and close the housing front Place the recirculating air filter system on top of the cabinet and connect it to the cabinet ventilation With every safety storage cabinet with recirculation air filter technology, you will receive an asecos recommended list of substances . The reference book clearly shows all substances and mixtures suitable for storage and offers insights into the testing and testing procedures of our recirculating air filter storage cabinets. Furthermore, the list was developed in close cooperation with the accredited measuring station for hazar- dous materials of lnfraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG. We are extremely specific about the maintenance of your safety-related equipment. Particularly as safety storage cabinets with recirculating air filter technology are designed to prevent the worst possible damage to people and the environment in an emergency and every day situation. The full function of the device is guaranteed only with proper use and regular maintenance or filter replacement. If the product is not properly serviced, it may result in filter failure and other malfunction. This would result in the exposure of health-endangering hazardous material vapours and lack of fire protection. Legally, improper maintenance can have dire consequences: in the event of damage, operators may not only lose their insurance cover but also incur immense, unmanageable costs such as production stop, relocation of the production, logistical changes, etc. Rely on the asecos original service! Our specialised Service Technicians or officially certified service partners ensure the safe functioning of your recirculating air filter storage cabinets. The annual safety-related inspection of the cabinets of the FX, CX and SLX-LINE through asecos includes: ` ` Safety inspection, fire protection inspection incl. functional test of the cabinet ` ` Air-technical inspection of the filter components ` ` Filter change including professional disposal of the contaminated filter ` ` Legal security check (installation conditions, statutory labelling) ` ` 12 months warranty on the services Commissioning The FlameFlex and ChemFlex cabinets are delivered as two individual components. After the cabinet has been positioned and leveled, you can put the recirculating air filter attachment into operation in just a few steps. You can easily install the plug-in recirculation air filter technology by yourself. Your device is ready for use in four steps: Information – recirculating air filter storage cabinets