asecos - Professional Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials 2020-2021

1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 424 The technology — how does the recirculation air filter work? Monitoring electronics Fan Sensor Wideband filter Fresh air supply Contaminated-air outlet Multi-stage wideband filters (e.g. FlameFlex: five-step) with a high absorbency capacity are used in all models. An optimised combination of the most diver- se, partly impregnated types of activated carbon achieves the correspondingly required wideband effect in all devices. Depending on the model, asecos recirculating air filter storage cabinets are able to permanently retain more than 99.998 % of the vapours from hydro- carbons and inorganic hazardous materials up to filter saturation. The filters used for the filtering of inorganic hazardous materials must be che- cked with all models by means of a manual testing device for filter saturation. This is supported by an electronic reminder function (visual and audible). The models from the FX-LINE additionally carry out the automatic electronic de- tection of hydrocarbons. The filter and exhaust air monitoring is displayed on the touch panel. Visual and audible warning signals and a voltage free switch contact provide for maximum safety. All models are equipped with a control filter. As a last resort, the control filter ensures your protection in the event of accidental damage. Should the unli- kely event of a filter breakthrough occur (e. g. in case of over-saturation) the control filter will retain the pollutants for a certain period of time and prevent the release of hazardous vapours into the surrounding air. ` ` Ideal for the direct installation in working areas — very low noise, approx. 39 dB (A) ` ` With multi-stage wideband filter ` ` Optical and audible alarm including potential-free alarm contact ` ` Display with touch panel ` ` Automatic electronic detection of hydrocar- bons ` ` Environmentally friendly due to long life cycle and filter recycling Information – recirculating air filter storage cabinets