asecos - Professional Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials 2020-2021

Robust construction and longevity • Tall cabinet with body made of pow- der-coated sheet steel and interior space made of melamine resin and flame retard- ant special plates • Under bench cabinets completely made of melamine resin and flame retardant special plates Safe, separate storage • Acids and alkalis can be stored safe and separately • Two hermetically divided storage compart- ments, vertical or horizontal dividing wall • Integrated aeration and venting system, corrosion resistance of the metal-free air ducts Further features of this model class Large variation of models • A selection of tall cabinets in two widths and under bench cabinets in three widths and two heights allow the adaption to us- ers requirements and structural conditions Cylinder locking • Doors separately lockable with profile cylin- der lock (cabinets can be integrated by the customer in an existing master key system) or cylinder lock (under bench cabinets) • Complete locking system assembled out- side the storage compartment (excl. under bench cabinets) Comfortable adjusting possibilities • Tall cabinets with integrated adjusting aids in the cabinet base • Fast and effective compensation for une- ven floor of up to 10 mm SL-LINE Overview: model line SL-LINE Safe and approved storage of aggressive, non flammable hazardous materials in working areas Possible interior equipment • Pull-out shelves incl. sump made of plastic • Storage of bulk packs • Separately lockable storage box for hydrofluoric acid including corrosion-resistant polypropylene sump 1 2 3 376