asecos - Professional Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials 2020-2021

Recirculating air operation • Integrated aeration and ventilation system in recirculating air operation • Monitoring and activated charcoal filter unit for the safe retention of solvent vapours (hydrocarbons) • No external exhaust air system required, maximum flexibility in the choice of the place of installation Controlled cooling • Homogeneous cooling effect in the interior through laminar entry of the cold air • Maximum cooling power +2 °C (at room temperature of max. 25 °C) • High energy efficiency through return of cooled air in the system Secure function • 7-segment LED display for direct monitor- ing of functions • Display of cooling temperature (NOMINAL/ ACTUAL), air recirculation rate and filter saturation • Simple setting of the nominal temperatures • Safe, continuous, min. 10-fold air exchange • No explosive zones inside and outside the cabinet Further features of this model class Locking • Doors and drawers separately lockable with cylinder lock • Locking state indicator (red/green) signals the locking status of the cabinet Mobile • Optionally available castors with plinth; simple movement of the cabinet • height adjustable to various laboratory furniture systems due to attachment covers Possible interior equipment • Integrated drawers • Second level drawer for the storage on 2 levels, optimal utilisation of inside space when storing small containers 1 UB-S-90K Overview: model class UB-S-90K Safe, cooled and approved storage of highly flammable hazardous substances in working areas 350