Chemical storage cabinets

Safe and proper storage of toxic substances and non-flammable chemicals

Today, chemicals are commonly used in almost every company and laboratory. They are used even in entities and industries that are not specifically involved in chemical processes. These include schools, universities, public institutes, warehouses, storerooms etc. Special chemical cabinets (laboratory cabinets) offer an optimal solution for the legally compliant storage of such toxic, non-flammable chemicals and toxins.

No matter which chemicals are to be stored, the chemical cabinets by asecos offer the perfect solution for every requirement. Using an asecos cabinet for chemicals is the best way to ensure full compliance with the regulations, and protect your employees and the immediate environment from accidents.

On this page, you will find a detailed description of the chemical cabinet range by asecos. Our customer service team will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the right cabinet for your workplace needs

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Regardless of which chemicals are to be stored - an asecos chemical cabinet offers the perfect solution for every requirement.

How are chemicals safely stored?

The brochure "Storage Of Chemicals - Guidelines For Good Practice" provides information on risks related to the storage of chemicals and gives advice on appropriate precautions ► Download

Chemical storage cabinets for a wide range of applications

Chemical storage cabinets including a type 30 safety box offer a regulation compliant solution for the storage of toxic substances and a small amount of flammable substances in one cabinet.

An asecos chemical storage cabinet is ideally suited for the legally compliant storage of toxic, non-flammable chemicals and toxic substances in working areas. Whether laboratory, school or company - the large variety of models offers the right solution for every requirement.

  • Equipment: Depending on the needs, it is possible to choose between height adjustable shelves, pull-out shelves with removable plastic sump, bottom collecting sumps, perforated inserts and grids.
  • Natural ventilation: The chemical storage cabinets come with a natural ventilation due to vent openings at the bottom of the doors and can be connected to a technical exhaust system.
  • All chemical storage cupboards and cabinets are available in 7 different door colours.
  • The doors can be individually selected - wing doors, space saving folding doors or doors with glass panel.
  • Type 30 safety box: An asecos chemical storage cabinet is available on request with a type 30 safety box according to EN 14470-1. This box has all the safety features of a fire resistant safety storage cabinet. In this way, toxic substances and a small amount of combustible substances can be stored together in one chemical cabinet in accordance with the law.

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Technical ventilation of chemical storage cabinets

Extraction unit with exhaust air monitoring.

Special extraction units enable a safe capturing of escaping vapours and gases at the point where they are released or produced.

Each chemical storage cabinet is optionally available with a matching extraction unit. The extraction units (for installation on the chemical cabinet or for wall mounting) are ready to plug in, particularly quiet and therefore ideal for use directly in the working environment.

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Recirculating air filter storage cabinets

The recirculating air filter storage cabinets enable the common storage, extraction and filtration of the most diverse hazardous materials in one cabinet

Flammable, toxic or environmentally hazardous substances, acids and bases: In our modern industrial world, the trend is moving towards the use of small quantities of hazardous materials, but the number of different chemicals is increasing steadily! This makes correct handling and storage of these materials vitally important as incorrect storage can cause problems such as:

  • A build up of unpleasant odours
  • Vapours that are harmful to health
  • Corrosion damage to storage equipment from acids
  • Lack of connection options for technical ventilation of safety storage cabinets
  • An almost unending demand to store small quantities of hazardous materials.

The solution is provided by asecos’ recirculating air filter storage cabinets - a combined hazardous materials cabinet and recirculating air filter unit, with or without fire protection. The cabinets without fire protection are based on the CS-CLASSIC chemical storage cabinets. With robust and corrosion resistant interior equipment, the cabinet is capable of joint storage of different chemicals. The recirculating air filter technology extracts dangerous vapours of any kind directly at the source ensuring filtration and the return of clean air to the installation room.

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