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Service and maintenance The asecos safety concept

2 Hagen Krentz , Servicetechniker bei asecos Your safety is my job. Les Day , Regional Sales Manager - Southern UK

3 Safety equipment is there to prevent the worst damage in the event of an emergency. Therefore, it must be maintained regularly to ensure that it is fully functional at all times. Professional maintenance can be vital Improper maintenance can have serious consequences, such as loss of insurance cover. But other more severe costs can be incurred through production downtime, logistical changes or even the relocation of production. In these circumstances, day-to-day running costs for personnel, vehicle fleet etc., continue to be a burden on the aected company. This can all be avoided with asecos original service, keeping you legally on the safe side. WHEN IT COMES TOSAFETY , WE DONOT COMPROMISE We take the maintenance of your safety equipment very seriously. In your interest.

4 CORRECTLYMAINTAINED , PERFECTLY SECURED Original service from asecos means: comprehensive and thorough maintenance - for your safety. Our success began in 1994: An inventive newcomer to the industry, asecos introduced the world‘s first safety storage cabinet with 90-minutes fire resistance onto the market in 1994. At that time, the product was revolutionary as only fire-resistant storage rooms oered this same level of protection. Outstanding functionality and first-class quality soon earned asecos an excellent reputation in the industry. The innovative technologies that were developed in the following years continued to set new standards and trends. At asecos, we still pursue this mission today. In accordance with our corporate philosophy, we want our products to contribute towards the safe management of hazardous materials throughout the world. Our enthusiasm and inventiveness have made us the global leader in the manufacture of EN 14470-1/-2-compliant safety storage cabinets. To provide all-round protection, our product portfolio today includes the following business divisions: indoor hazardous materials storage, extraction and filter systems, hazardous materials handling in outdoor areas, protection of non-smokers and maintenance and service solutions for all sectors.

5 Our service sets standards Our expertise as a developer and manufacturer of safety-related equipment is also reflected in our range of services: we oer a complete, professional service programme including a 24hour spare parts service.

6 WHYMAINTENANCE MATTERS — THE LEGAL BASIS The UK has many regulations governing the maintenance of equipment and employers have a legal duty to ensure that work equipment, including storage cabinets, are kept in good order to meet those requirements. Reasons for the purchase of a safety storage cabinet: ››› Sustainable guarantee of legal security ››› Duty of care for people and the environment ››› Limitation of liability for the company and the business owner However, you will only stay legally on the safe side if you have your safety storage cabinet regularly checked for safety! But nothing has ever happened to us... „It is a fact of life that a fire can occur practically at any time. The fact that in many buildings there has been no fire for decades does not prove that there is no danger, but rather represents a stroke of luck for those a–ected. The end of which can be expected at any time.“ Quotation from a judgement of the Higher Administrative Court of Münster (file no.: 10 A 363/86 from 11.12.87)

7 Do you meet all legal requirements? A risk assessment has been prepared for our company Our safety storage cabinets are checked for safety at regular intervals Our safety storage cabinets are checked by the manufacturer or by a person certified by the manufacturer The results of the inspection are recorded and kept for an appropriate period of time Only a positive response to these statements keeps you on the safe side! Please observe the country-specific rules and regulations that are binding for you. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 General duties of employers to their employees. (1) It shall be the duty of every employer to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees. (2) Without prejudice to the generality of an employer’s duty under the preceding subsection, the matters to which that duty extends include in particular— (a) The provision and maintenance of plant and systems of work that are, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risks to health. Care of Substance Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 – COSHH Regulation 9 states that in the case of plant and equipment, including engineering controls and PPE that it is maintained in an e¨cient state, in e¨cient working order, good repair and in a clean condition. In the case of the provision of systems of work and supervision and of any other measure, it is reviewed at suitable intervals and revised if necessary. In addition, employers must ensure that whoever carries out maintenance examinations and tests are competent to do so. People carrying out examinations and test on control measures of which safety cabinets are, must have adequate knowledge, training and expertise in methods and techniques. Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 – DSEAR DSEAR refers to maintenance throughout the regulations. The employer, having carried out all the required assessment and subsequent implementation work, should continue to ensure that the control measures they have created are maintained both in terms of hardware (plant etc) and software. The workplace, including the location of equipment, should be designed, constructed and maintained to prevent releases of dangerous substances accumulating in su¨cient quantity that ignition could result in a fire and/or explosion or ‘other events’ that may lead to injury. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 – PUWER PUWER requires that equipment provided for use at work is safe for use, maintained in a safe condition and inspected. In order to ensure work equipment does not deteriorate to the extent that it may put people at risk, employers, the relevant self-employed and others in control of work equipment are required by PUWER to keep it maintained in an e¨cient state, in e¨cient order and in good repair‘. The frequency and nature of maintenance should be determined through risk assessment, taking full account of  the manufacturer‘s recommendations  the intensity of use  operating environment (such as the eect of temperature, corrosion, and weathering)  user knowledge and experience  the risk to health and safety from any fore seeable failure or malfunction Maintenance on a less frequent basis than the manufacturer‘s recommendation should be subject to careful risk assessment and the reasons for doing so should be reviewed at appropriate intervals. Maintenance work should only be undertaken by those who are competent to do the work. With high-risk or complex equipment, these demands may be significant and, in some cases, may be best undertaken by the manufacturer or specialist contractors. There is no requirement for you to keep a maintenance log, although it is recommended for high-risk equipment. Maintenance logs can provide useful information for the future planning of maintenance, as well as informing maintenance personnel of previous action taken. However, if you have a maintenance log, you must keep it up to date. Conclusion Improper or irregular inspection of safety-related equipment, not only risks the loss of insurance cover but also threatens your personal liability - you can be held personally responsible for damage or injury.

8 8 Maintenance is carried out by asecos. Safe is safe.

9 QUALIFIED TRAINING — THEBASIS FOR EXCELLENT WORK asecos employees are specialists in their field. Safety inspections should only be carried out by a qualified, competent person. A competent person is defined as: A person who, through his or her vocational training, professional experience and timely professional activity, has the necessary technical knowledge to test work equipment. We work in accordance with the legal regulations and only employ service sta who are called upon to be competent persons to carry out these safety checks. Our service technicians undergo thorough initial and continuous training, both internal and external, in all aspects of hazardous material storage and handling, across our full product range. Such intensive training ensures our service technicians have the necessary qualifications and ability to:  carry out safety inspections on asecos products,  carry out the eectiveness test,  conduct a technically correct and comprehensive assessment,  assess the basis for warranty extension. In addition, asecos has a specialist back o¨ce with a trained occupational safety specialist. So you can be sure that we understand what is important. Maintenance at the highest level means you have: legal security in the event of damage.

10 10 ONLY ASECOS CAN CORRECTLYMAINTAIN ASECOS PRODUCTS Trust in the asecos original service. We know every detail of our products. After all, we have developed and built them ourselves. Therefore, when maintaining your technical safety equipment, you should rely exclusively on the asecos original service - and on the competence of our service technicians. Because they know exactly what they have to deal with. You are safer with asecos. Professional maintenance extends the life of your products and minimises the risk of failure. In an emergency we, as the manufacturer, have 98% of the original parts of common asecos products available. This means we can normally repair your equipment during the safety inspection. What you can expect from the asecos service. ››› Warranty or manufacturer‘s warranty and producer liability ››› Thorough checks to ensure the storage facility is being used in accordance with the legislation (site location; correct, segregated storage; EX zones etc.) ››› Complete documentation and availability of all original spare parts (min. 10 years) ››› Comprehensive service network ››› 98% of all repairs on asecos products completed during the initial service / safety check - no second visit required.

11 11  Issue of test sticker  Creation of an electronic test protocol (PDF) specifically for each cabinet type (solvent/compressed gas/corrosive) and adapted to the respective construction type (tall unit/under bench unit/container).  Integration of inventory/equipment number into the maintenance system for quick tracking. Advantage: no unnecessary paper consumption, simple data archiving.  Warranty or manufacturer‘s warranty and producer‘s liability in accordance with the product safety law to protect your employees and facilities. Documentation

12 12 WITH OUR SERVICES YOU ARE ALWAYS ON THE SAFE SIDE The asecos original service in detail. Trust in the competence of asecos: Regardless of which safety equipment you operate, we ensure that everything is perfectly maintained. What you can expect: The annual safety inspection For asecos safety storage cabinets, the safety inspection is mandatory. Safety installations must be properly maintained at regular intervals by a competent person and tested for their functionality. The basis for determining the inspection intervals is the risk assessment. The safety inspection is a classic standard maintenance, which provides you with a guaranteed, optimum inspection of all safetyrelated systems. The asecos service technicians thoroughly check all equipment and correct any malfunctions on site, using original spare parts. Finally, the service work is documented so that you are covered in the event of damage. In order to be able to carry out the inspections properly, the service technician must have a very precise knowledge of the safety storage cabinet - e.g. with regard to the fire protection construction (sealing systems etc.), the technical extraction system (air exchange, fire dampers, monitoring electronics etc.) or special equipment such as door open arrest systems, pipe lead-throughs and similar. It goes without saying that the safety inspection can only be carried out by specially trained and certified asecos service sta. We also carry out other work, such as filter changes for recirculating air filters, inspection of shelf systems and much more. Our service technicians carry out the following tests: ››› Functional test ››› Security check ››› Fire protection testing ››› Ventilation test ››› Legal security control ››› Visual inspection

13 13 MAINTENANCEMEANSRESPONSIBILITY The asecos original service according to BS EN 13306. Anyone who operates technical installations or systems of any kind must ensure that they are always in working order, i.e. they are maintained. This is of course particularly important where human life can be endangered by technical failure - and this is the case with safety-related installations. The objectives of maintenance are:  To increase the service life  Improvement of operational safety  Increase of plant availability  Reduction of disturbances  Optimisation of operational processes  Plannability of costs More productivity and legal certainty through preventive maintenance Regular service by our technicians prevents system failures. Thus you increase your productivity, avoid financial follow-up costs and you are legally on the safe side:  You reduce downtimes  You shorten repair times  You safeguard your limitation of liability for your company or for you as a business owner  You receive from us a warranty for the service provided Maintenance asecos im Einsatz – So funktioniert unser Service Repair Inspection Improvement Preventive Maintenance BS EN 13306 clearly sets out the requirements and basic maintenance measures: Inspection During the inspection, the installation to be inspected is assessed. The causes of any wear and tear are determined and the necessary conclusions for future use are drawn. Preventive Maintenance BS EN 13306 defines maintenance as measures taken to prevent failure due to wear and tear. Repair If the system to be tested is defective, the functional condition is restored during maintenance. However, no improvements have been made. Improvement The aim is to increase the functional safety of a plant without changing the function. The measures to achieve this BS EN 13306 is defined as a combination of technical and administrative measures and activities of the management. We have taken these aspects into account when developing our service proposal.

14 14 Do you have other safety engineering systems? No problem. We can also oer you safety checks, e.g. of hazardous substance work stations, pharmacy fume cupboards, acid-alkaline cabinets, chemical, environmental and pesticide cabinets. Our service programme includes many more services - just contact us! OURPROPOSAL Tailored to your individual needs. BASICPlus Safety inspection of safety storage cabinets for flammable liquids or pressurised gas cylinders Tari The regular inspection according to EC-directives 89/391/EEC Inspection  Visual inspection including ventilation test  Error analysis Legal Certainty Inspectorate  Control of EX areas, stored goods, legal marking, checking the documentation, installation conditions Immediate maintenance  Measures to delay wear and tear  Functional test  Feedback of maintenance work Immediate repair  Replacement of parts to a value of £5 are included in the service.  Immediate repair in 98% of cases for manufactured products Signed entry in the asecos service booklet / inspection sticker / inspection record 1Year warranty for the services provided BASICPlus

15 Save yourself unnecessary trouble and eort. Trust in the competence of asecos for the maintenance of your safety systems. You don‘t have to do anything more. We regularly remind you of due maintenance dates and safety inspections. In this way, the function of all systems is guaranteed at all times. You gain legal certainty, and you do everything necessary to protect the health of your employees, your company and last but not least, the environment. A good feeling, don‘t you think? THEASECOS ORIGINAL SERVICE: SAFETYTHAT REASSURES asecos gives you the good feeling of having done everything necessary. Trust in the asecos original service: ››› Enjoy lasting legal security ››› Fulfil your duty of care towards people and the environment ››› Maintain the limitation of liability for your company and yourself asecos GmbH Sicherheit und Umweltschutz Weiherfeldsiedlung 16–18 DE-63584 Gründau +49 6051 92200 +49 6051 922010 asecos Ltd. Safety and Environmental Protection c/o Burton Accountancy Services 16 Eastgate Business Centre Eastern Avenue Burton on Trent, Sta ordshire GB-DE13 0AT +44 7880 435436 +49 6051 922010 asecos S.L. Seguridad y Protección del Medio Ambiente CIM Vallès, C/ Calderí S/N Oficinas 75 a 77 ES-08130 - Santa Perpètua de Mogoda Barcelona +34 902 300385 +34 902 300395 asecos bv Veiligheid en milieubescherming Tuinderij 15 NL-2451 GG Leimuiden +31 172506476 +31 172506541 asecos Safety and Environmental Protection Inc. 19109 West Catawba Avenue, Suite 200 Cornelius, NC 28031 USA +1 704 8973820 +49 6051 922010 asecos Schweiz AG Sicherheit und Umweltschutz Gewerbe Brunnmatt 5 CH-6264 Pfa nau +41 62535 5498 +41 62535 7378 asecos SARL Sécurité et protection de l’environnement 1, rue Pierre Simon de Laplace FR-57070 Metz +33 3 87 78 62 80 +33 3 87 78 43 19 No liability can be accepted for printing errors, product alterations due to further technical development and changes of model. © asecos GmbH 11/2020 For all other countries please contact asecos Headquarters in Germany. Please contact for further information and a customised o–er. Our team is happy to help !