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1 Expert information KEY FACTS of THE BRITISH HEALTH AND SAFETY LEGISLATION Everything you need to know: 1. DSEAR 2. HSE Key Facts 3. BS EN 14470-1 4. Pressurised Gas Cylinder Cabinets 5. BS EN 14470-2 6. Ventilation 7. Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007 & Health and Safety Offences Act Sample

“Your safety and the protection of your health are our incentive to develop products, that offer the highest degree of protection and comfort in your daily work.” Mark Whiteley, UK and Ireland Manager THE IMPORTANCE OF HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT We tend to underestimate the dangers in handling hazardous substances in the workplace. That’s why incidents happen every day. Companies are responsible for the safety of their employees and rescue teams and must take reasonable precautions. If they do not abide by the rules, they are liable for prosecution. This information brochure provides a summary of the current British Health and Safety legislation and how to increase the safety in your firm or organisation through risk assessment and safe storage of dangerous materials. Sample

The incorrect handling and storage of hazardous materials can cause major financial damages. The following statistics reflect the financial claims due to fire in recent years. As the number of accidents per year is decreasing the average financial loss per damage is increasing. Major accidents in the industrial property insurance YEAR Claims expenditure in bn E Number Claims average in m E 1980 0,64 278 2,31 1985 0,79 289 2,74 1990 0,85 289 2,95 1995 1,13 267 4,24 2000 0,88 199 4,43 2001 1,02 183 5,57 2002 0,55 160 3,46 2003 0,55 150 3,67 2004 0,54 150 3,58 2005 0,93 161 5,75 2006 1,03 154 6,71 2007 0,67 171 3,92 2008 0,75 142 5,05 Sample Do you require more information on how to protect your property and your employees? Do you need further information on British legislation? If this brochure has awoken your interest in up to date Health and Safety Management, please do not hesitate to contact us. The information given were compiled and prepared by: asecos Ltd. DSC Limited Safety and Environmental Protection Dangerous Substance Control c/o Burton Accountancy Services 26 Stafford Road 16 Eastgate Business Centre, Eastern Avenue Bloxwich, Walsall Burton on Trent, Staffordshire WS3 3NL DE13 0AT Phone +44 1922 402 647 Phone +44 7880 435 436 E-Mail Fax +49 6051 9220 10 E-Mail asecos and DSC joined forces to collect the most important information on handling and storing dangerous substances compliant with the British Health and Safety legislation. asecos is the worldwide leading manufacturer of safety storage cabinets for hazardous materials according to EN 14470 part 1 and part 2. Driven by the conviction to develop innovative and intelligent solutions, asecos create products that offer the highest degree of protection and comfort in daily work since 1994. DSC Limited were developed to solve customer problems whilst handling and storing dangerous substances. Providing fire risk assessments, certified fire awareness training and their knowledge to support the most efficient and safe design of your workplace. Both companies specialise in this very specific niche market field and offer many years of experience in identifying the risk, designing the solution, implementing the required changes and doing it in a safe cost effective way. Looking at hazards in many ways that clients cannot see, simply because they are too close or too familiar with the situation. Sources and Publications: Health and Safety Executive United Kingdom - Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V. Sample