Sample: asecos HazMat Guide Flammables (Edition 2.0)

This is the second edition of the asecos HazMat Guide series for flammables. We have collected information from many sources and added our own content to make this an aid to help designing the safest possible workplace. This edition puts special focus on flammable storage. Look out for future HazMat Guide releases, specializing in corrosive storage, gas cylinder storage and more. All HazMat Guides will be regularly reviewed and revised. We would be happy to receive your feedback, ideas or critiques and invite you to help us making this guide a valuable source of information in the industry. Feel free to send an email to You will find that we sometimes refer to the German regulations (whenever we could not find an international source). Before applying this advice make sure to double-check with your local legislation and regulations. When in doubt you can always get in touch with one of our local agents or distributors. If nothing is available the German regulations might serve you as best-practice examples. At the end of each chapter you will find „take away pages“, that conveniently summarize the most important elements. INTRODUCTION Sample