asecos: Integrating hazardous materials storage into the modern-day laboratory

7 SAFETYSTORAGE CABINETS WITHVERTICALDRAWERS offer the same storage volume as 90 cm-wide standard units, but with awidth of only 45 cm. The new cabinet depth of 86 cmmakes full use of the space next to the fume hood. Thanks to the vertical drawer design, labworkers have a perfect overview of storedmaterials and can also access all stored containers from both sides. GAS CYLINDERCABINETS are particularly suitable for safely housing gas cylinders indoors. There are numerous pipe lead-through possibilities on the top of the cabinet, whichmeans the cabinet canwork as a decentralised gas supply system. CABINETS FORACIDSANDALKALIS are separated by a horizontal or vertical central wall. This creates two hermetically separated and highly corrosion-resistant storage chambers for the safe storage of acids and alkalis in just one cabinet. With the addition of a 90-minute fire resistant wall to create a combination cabinet, it becomes suitable for also storing flammable corrosivematerials. Consequently the possibility of the twomaterials reacting together is eliminated. World Novelty UNDERBENCH SAFETYSTORAGE CABINETS fit perfectly under laboratory fume hoods andwork benches, and guarantee efficient, ergonomic laboratory processes. They can be perfectly combinedwith supply and waste disposal systems.