asecos: Integrating hazardous materials storage into the modern-day laboratory

Themany different properties of hazardousmaterials place specific demands on the design of safety storage cabinets. For flammable materials, for example, a fire-resistant design is important in order to protect storedmaterial from a critical temperature increase in the event of fire. For aggressivematerials, however, the top priority is high corrosion resistance. But spacial considerations also influence the choice of cabinet. Integrated storage solutions play an essential role in themodern lab. asecos safety storage cabinets can be perfectly integrated into lab benches, and become a natural part of the room structure. In a free-standing format they form a central storage point for all lab personnel. THE RIGHT CABINET FOR EVERY TYPE OF HAZARDOUSMATERIAL 6 TALLCABINETS offer maximum storage volume. Numerous door, interior and colour options create the right solution for every application. Full integration into the laboratory unit guarantees safe hazardousmaterial storage directly in theworkplace. Installing several tall storage cabinets in a separate room creates a central hazardousmaterials storage room – completely avoiding any structural change to the room.