asecos: Integrating hazardous materials storage into the modern-day laboratory

THE STORAGE ROOM BECOMES A PIECE OF LABORATORY FURNITURE 4 Real practice confirms that labworkers today are as exposed to significant safety risks from unprotected hazardousmaterials in theworkplace as they have always been. Tominimise these risks, hazardousmaterial storage in the lab is restricted to the quantities for daily use. For a long time, therewas no safe solution for the storage of larger quantities or rarely used chemicals in the laboratory. Thesematerials were kept in centrally located, fire-protected store rooms. But for day-to-day handling thismeant covering large distances and the time-consuming decanting of substances from one container to another. Modern safety storage cabinets that comply with EN 14470-1/-2, however, with 90-minute fire resistance, provide a comparable level of protection – and are an inexpensive alternative to a central storage room. Theymake it possible to store hazardousmaterials close to theworkplace and thusmeet laboratory process requirements while also satisfying ergonomic and safety aspects. Thanks to the decentralised storage design, all labworkers have the materials they need directly on hand. So, central storage facility for hazardousmaterials or safety storage cabinets? Both solutions have their advantages. In tandem, they complement each other perfectly and guarantee safeworking procedures.