asecos: Integrating hazardous materials storage into the modern-day laboratory

The past few decades have seen labs undergo amultitude of changes. While growing environmental awareness and sustainability-centred thinking have advanced, the development of fume hood technologies, the focus onmaking laboratory facilities flexible and adaptable has also intensified. This is because research projects and the demands they place on labs are changing at ever greater speed. On top of this comes an increased diversity of chemicals and gases, many of which are classified as hazardous. We now have to combine safety with convenience and efficiency while retaining flexibility in order to minimise the need for structural changes to buildings. It is precisely this challenge that asecos has beenmastering since 1994, with the development of storage cabinets for the safe storage of hazardous materials in theworkplace. In close partnershipwith lab designers and lab furnituremanufacturers, asecos develops individual solutions and provides support in the planning of hazardousmaterial storage. Our brochure contains awide range of design options as well as new trends to consider when it comes to themanagement of hazardousmaterials indoors. THE LABORATORY IN TRANSITION 2