asecos: Integrating hazardous materials storage into the modern-day laboratory

asecos, Europe's leadingmanufacturer of safety storage cabinets, has set itself the task – not only withinGermany, but also internationally – of raising awareness about storing and handling hazardousmaterials. Since this topic still receives insufficient attention globally, it is crucial that we continue to make legislators as well as employers andworkers aware of the importance of storing and handling hazardousmaterials safely. In international and national working groups and committees such as SEFA, theDIN Standardization Committee and the European Committee for Standardization, we are committed to promoting the highest safety standards. Worldwide, asecosmaintains partnerships withmany laboratory furniture manufacturers and lab designers. Together we develop and designmodern, functional and sustainable solutions that can be easily integrated into any laboratory setting and create safe laboratory environments. We look forward tobeing part of your lab. ASECOS – YOUR PARTNER FOR HAZARDOUSMATERIALS STORAGE 18