asecos: Integrating hazardous materials storage into the modern-day laboratory

OUTSTANDINGQUALITYMADE INGERMANY 14 asecos hazardousmaterials storage cabinets are characterised by quality, reliability and, in the case of fire-tested cabinets, superior fire resistance. Fire resistance is tested at regular intervals in a fire test performed by an independent material testing Institute – in accordancewith the strict requirements of EN 14470-1/-2. The classification into different Types indicate the level of protection, i.e. the duration of fire resistance. The cabinets are also put through amechanical endurance test consisting of 50,000 test cycles. They areGS-tested and comply with the requirements of the laboratory furniture standard EN 14727. Some units undergo additional international testing protocols such as the FM 6050 or UL 1275. Compliancewith national and international standards is not the only proof of our product quality. Our factory inGründau, Germany, and our processes are also regularly inspected andmonitored. Certifications in accordancewith ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 including an annual environmental report on sustainability also highlight our excellent quality and environmental management throughout the entire organisation.