asecos: Integrating hazardous materials storage into the modern-day laboratory

Inmany cases, the air inside the safety storage cabinets need to be extracted. This is why asecos cabinets are prepared for connection to a ventilation system as a standard. Whenwe design our products, we always consider the best ventilation possibilities while also ensuring that cabinet construction incorporates energy efficiency, safety and spacial considerations. We also bear inmind the different properties of the hazardousmaterials to be stored and the cabinets are designed tominimise pressure drop. The connection points are located on the ceiling of the free-standing tall cabinets whichmakes it possible to place several units side-by-side. Under bench cabinets have their connection points at the back for a convenient integration into the fume hood. If it is not possible to connect to a central ventilation system, asecos offers plug-in filtration systems. Hazardous fumes are extracted and then filtered and released into the environment as clean air. More information is available from your asecos partner. TECHNICAL VENTILATION OF SAFETY STORAGE CABINETS 12