asecos: Integrating hazardous materials storage into the modern-day laboratory

ONE CABINET – ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES 10 Thanks to awide variety of interior configurations and accessories, asecos cabinets can be individually tailored to your needs. Together with the 250plus type-tested standard cabinets which allow for onlyminor alterations to the exterior without re-testing, asecos offers over 4,800 different interior equipment options. For example, to store large amounts of small containers in awell-ordered and space savingway, pull-out drawers are the best choice. Whilst shelves combinedwith bottom collecting sumps are particularly suitable for larger cylinders and canisters. Depending on the properties of thematerials to be stored, interior fittings can bemade from stainless steel or powder-coated sheet steel. Metal-free shelves with traysmade of polypropylene and polyethylene are especially suitable for the storage of corrosivematerials. We are happy towork with your lab designer to find the best solution for you. Optimal integration into existing space is achievedwith different cabinet sizes and door variants. Options include space-saving folding doors, smooth functioningwing doors and amotorised automatic door closing system. You can decidewhether youwant a safety storage cabinet that stands out visually in the laboratory or one that blends inwith the lab furniture. Awide choice of colour variations gives you greater planning scope.