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Experts in hazardousmaterials storage Integratinghazardousmaterials storage into themodern-day laboratory

The past few decades have seen labs undergo amultitude of changes. While growing environmental awareness and sustainability-centred thinking have advanced, the development of fume hood technologies, the focus onmaking laboratory facilities flexible and adaptable has also intensified. This is because research projects and the demands they place on labs are changing at ever greater speed. On top of this comes an increased diversity of chemicals and gases, many of which are classified as hazardous. We now have to combine safety with convenience and efficiency while retaining flexibility in order to minimise the need for structural changes to buildings. It is precisely this challenge that asecos has beenmastering since 1994, with the development of storage cabinets for the safe storage of hazardous materials in theworkplace. In close partnershipwith lab designers and lab furnituremanufacturers, asecos develops individual solutions and provides support in the planning of hazardousmaterial storage. Our brochure contains awide range of design options as well as new trends to consider when it comes to themanagement of hazardousmaterials indoors. THE LABORATORY IN TRANSITION 2


THE STORAGE ROOM BECOMES A PIECE OF LABORATORY FURNITURE 4 Real practice confirms that labworkers today are as exposed to significant safety risks from unprotected hazardousmaterials in theworkplace as they have always been. Tominimise these risks, hazardousmaterial storage in the lab is restricted to the quantities for daily use. For a long time, therewas no safe solution for the storage of larger quantities or rarely used chemicals in the laboratory. Thesematerials were kept in centrally located, fire-protected store rooms. But for day-to-day handling thismeant covering large distances and the time-consuming decanting of substances from one container to another. Modern safety storage cabinets that comply with EN 14470-1/-2, however, with 90-minute fire resistance, provide a comparable level of protection – and are an inexpensive alternative to a central storage room. Theymake it possible to store hazardousmaterials close to theworkplace and thusmeet laboratory process requirements while also satisfying ergonomic and safety aspects. Thanks to the decentralised storage design, all labworkers have the materials they need directly on hand. So, central storage facility for hazardousmaterials or safety storage cabinets? Both solutions have their advantages. In tandem, they complement each other perfectly and guarantee safeworking procedures.

5 Storage in the Lab + flexible - dangerously unsafe Central StorageRoom + safe - totally inflexible In the past, balancing safety andflexibility was adaily struggle. ›››

Themany different properties of hazardousmaterials place specific demands on the design of safety storage cabinets. For flammable materials, for example, a fire-resistant design is important in order to protect storedmaterial from a critical temperature increase in the event of fire. For aggressivematerials, however, the top priority is high corrosion resistance. But spacial considerations also influence the choice of cabinet. Integrated storage solutions play an essential role in themodern lab. asecos safety storage cabinets can be perfectly integrated into lab benches, and become a natural part of the room structure. In a free-standing format they form a central storage point for all lab personnel. THE RIGHT CABINET FOR EVERY TYPE OF HAZARDOUSMATERIAL 6 TALLCABINETS offer maximum storage volume. Numerous door, interior and colour options create the right solution for every application. Full integration into the laboratory unit guarantees safe hazardousmaterial storage directly in theworkplace. Installing several tall storage cabinets in a separate room creates a central hazardousmaterials storage room – completely avoiding any structural change to the room.

7 SAFETYSTORAGE CABINETS WITHVERTICALDRAWERS offer the same storage volume as 90 cm-wide standard units, but with awidth of only 45 cm. The new cabinet depth of 86 cmmakes full use of the space next to the fume hood. Thanks to the vertical drawer design, labworkers have a perfect overview of storedmaterials and can also access all stored containers from both sides. GAS CYLINDERCABINETS are particularly suitable for safely housing gas cylinders indoors. There are numerous pipe lead-through possibilities on the top of the cabinet, whichmeans the cabinet canwork as a decentralised gas supply system. CABINETS FORACIDSANDALKALIS are separated by a horizontal or vertical central wall. This creates two hermetically separated and highly corrosion-resistant storage chambers for the safe storage of acids and alkalis in just one cabinet. With the addition of a 90-minute fire resistant wall to create a combination cabinet, it becomes suitable for also storing flammable corrosivematerials. Consequently the possibility of the twomaterials reacting together is eliminated. World Novelty UNDERBENCH SAFETYSTORAGE CABINETS fit perfectly under laboratory fume hoods andwork benches, and guarantee efficient, ergonomic laboratory processes. They can be perfectly combinedwith supply and waste disposal systems.

Our standard range offersmore than 250 different safety storage cabinets. And if you can’t find the right solution for your laboratory, wewill consult with your laboratory planner to design a cabinet that meets your project’s specific needs. In the past, we have created numerous bespoke solutions for clients. Many of them have now become standard items in our range. Special dimensions, different colours, individual interiors, or completely new solutions – our R&D team inGründau, Germany, put clients' needs first. From the successful design of earthquake-proof cabinets, supply and disposal systems, to safety storage cabinets with a cooling function for temperature sensitive flammablematerials, we have created unique solutions for applications all around theworld. SPECIAL SOLUTIONS TOMEET YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS 8


ONE CABINET – ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES 10 Thanks to awide variety of interior configurations and accessories, asecos cabinets can be individually tailored to your needs. Together with the 250plus type-tested standard cabinets which allow for onlyminor alterations to the exterior without re-testing, asecos offers over 4,800 different interior equipment options. For example, to store large amounts of small containers in awell-ordered and space savingway, pull-out drawers are the best choice. Whilst shelves combinedwith bottom collecting sumps are particularly suitable for larger cylinders and canisters. Depending on the properties of thematerials to be stored, interior fittings can bemade from stainless steel or powder-coated sheet steel. Metal-free shelves with traysmade of polypropylene and polyethylene are especially suitable for the storage of corrosivematerials. We are happy towork with your lab designer to find the best solution for you. Optimal integration into existing space is achievedwith different cabinet sizes and door variants. Options include space-saving folding doors, smooth functioningwing doors and amotorised automatic door closing system. You can decidewhether youwant a safety storage cabinet that stands out visually in the laboratory or one that blends inwith the lab furniture. Awide choice of colour variations gives you greater planning scope.


Inmany cases, the air inside the safety storage cabinets need to be extracted. This is why asecos cabinets are prepared for connection to a ventilation system as a standard. Whenwe design our products, we always consider the best ventilation possibilities while also ensuring that cabinet construction incorporates energy efficiency, safety and spacial considerations. We also bear inmind the different properties of the hazardousmaterials to be stored and the cabinets are designed tominimise pressure drop. The connection points are located on the ceiling of the free-standing tall cabinets whichmakes it possible to place several units side-by-side. Under bench cabinets have their connection points at the back for a convenient integration into the fume hood. If it is not possible to connect to a central ventilation system, asecos offers plug-in filtration systems. Hazardous fumes are extracted and then filtered and released into the environment as clean air. More information is available from your asecos partner. TECHNICAL VENTILATION OF SAFETY STORAGE CABINETS 12

self-closing fire damper integrated air ducts filtration systems 13

OUTSTANDINGQUALITYMADE INGERMANY 14 asecos hazardousmaterials storage cabinets are characterised by quality, reliability and, in the case of fire-tested cabinets, superior fire resistance. Fire resistance is tested at regular intervals in a fire test performed by an independent material testing Institute – in accordancewith the strict requirements of EN 14470-1/-2. The classification into different Types indicate the level of protection, i.e. the duration of fire resistance. The cabinets are also put through amechanical endurance test consisting of 50,000 test cycles. They areGS-tested and comply with the requirements of the laboratory furniture standard EN 14727. Some units undergo additional international testing protocols such as the FM 6050 or UL 1275. Compliancewith national and international standards is not the only proof of our product quality. Our factory inGründau, Germany, and our processes are also regularly inspected andmonitored. Certifications in accordancewith ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 including an annual environmental report on sustainability also highlight our excellent quality and environmental management throughout the entire organisation.


At www.asecos-specs.comwe provide youwith technical specifications, drawings, BIM data, product images, tender texts, operatingmanuals, certificates, test reports andmuchmore. Take advantage of our convenient media service and access all relevant planning and design data. To obtain your login data, contact your asecos partner or send an e-mail to With our cabinet configurator, you can create your own safety storage cabinet with just a few clicks. Take a look at our extensive asecos product range to find a cabinet that suits your individual needs. Try it yourself – it's easy! OURONLINE SERVICE FOR YOU 16


asecos, Europe's leadingmanufacturer of safety storage cabinets, has set itself the task – not only withinGermany, but also internationally – of raising awareness about storing and handling hazardousmaterials. Since this topic still receives insufficient attention globally, it is crucial that we continue to make legislators as well as employers andworkers aware of the importance of storing and handling hazardousmaterials safely. In international and national working groups and committees such as SEFA, theDIN Standardization Committee and the European Committee for Standardization, we are committed to promoting the highest safety standards. Worldwide, asecosmaintains partnerships withmany laboratory furniture manufacturers and lab designers. Together we develop and designmodern, functional and sustainable solutions that can be easily integrated into any laboratory setting and create safe laboratory environments. We look forward tobeing part of your lab. ASECOS – YOUR PARTNER FOR HAZARDOUSMATERIALS STORAGE 18

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