asecos PURIFIAIR.620

››› Every PURIFIAIR.620 handles a volume flow rate of 180 to 620 m³/h (5 operating levels) and is suitable for approx. 100 m³ room volume (corresponding to a surface area of 40 m² and a room height of 2.5 m). A larger number of devices should be used in larger rooms. Our Sales team is happy to help determine the optimal number of air purifiers for a specific application. ››› The built-in combination of pre-filters, a combi filter and H14 HEPA filter in accordance with EN 1822 has an efficiency of up to 99.995 % while keeping out particles from 0.1 to 0.3 μm in size. ››› Included filters: • One metal mesh pre-filter on each side of the unit. • On the left side of the unit: Combination filter consisting of EPA filter E12 and activated charcoal filter. • On the right side of the unit: HEPA filter H14 according to EN 1822 incl. G4 coarse dust filter. ››› H14 HEPA filters are used in areas where protection against infection plays a key role. ››› The effectiveness and performance of the unit has been proven by the independent I.F.I. (Institut für Industrieaerodynamik GmbH), which tested the sound level, the volume flow and the reduction of the aerosol particle concentration.1 Thereby, the measurement of the room effect according to VDI-EE 4300 sheet 14, resulted in a proof of the reduction of the aerosol particle concentration by more than 90% in 30 minutes. Other features of the air purifier: ››› Removes mould spores, pollen and allergens, halts germs and bacteria and neutralises them ››› Removes unpleasant odours and harmful gases from indoor air ››› Continuous filtration of fine dust particles PURIFI AIR.620 TECHNICAL DATA Model PURIFIAIR.620 * Nominal voltage 220 – 240 V~ Rated frequency 50/60 Hz Rated power (5 level) Sleep mode 5.5 W to turbo mode 40 W Noise level (1 m distance) Ideal conditions2 Real conditions3 1st stage (Sleep) 26 dB(A) approx. 28 dB(A) 2nd stage 34 dB(A) approx. 38 dB(A) 3rd stage 43 dB(A) approx. 47 dB(A) 4th stage 47 dB(A) approx. 50 dB(A) 5th stage (Turbo) 48 dB(A) approx. 51 dB(A) Quantity of purified air (CADR) ≈ 620 m³/h in full load operation Net weight 14 kg Product dimensions (W x D x H) 400 x 400 x 669 mm FILTER TECHNOLOGY Dual suction air purifier with multi-component filter unit consisting of: - Metal mesh pre-filter for separating coarse dust, to lower the load on downstream stages of filtration - G4 pre-filter for separating coarse contamination, extends the service life of the filter (particle size > 10 µm, such as pollen, spores, fibres, hairs, insects, etc.) and to protect the downstream stages of filtration - Combi filter with an efficiency ≥ 95%. Inserted on the left side of the unit: to separate medium-size particles (particle size > 0.3 µm, including bacteria, germs, etc.) - HEPA filter, filter class H14 according to EN 1822 used on the right-hand side of the unit for separating of smallest and nano particles with an efficiency of 99.995 % against MPPS (viruses, germs) - Activated carbon filter adsorbs unpleasant odours and gaseous pollutants An electronic display informs the user when the filter needs to be replaced. * The scope of delivery includes the air purifier with remote control, as well as an initial multi-component filter unit 1 2 Measurement in an idealised environment, similar to an anechoic room 3 Measurement in a realistic environment, e.g. office (the measured values deviate depending on the room conditions) What does H14 mean? Detailed technical information is provided on the following page. i  The coronavirus is approx. 0.12–0.16 in size, which is within the effective range of an H14 filter in accordance with EN 1822.  Therefore, H14 filters can reliably capture the SARS-CoV-2 virus.