asecos PURIFIAIR.620

Improve your hygiene concept with the PURIFI AIR.620 Viruses and other microorganisms are transmitted via extremely fine airborne liquid droplets, called aerosols. These can float and survive in the air even for long periods of time. There is an increased risk of infection in poorly ventilated indoor areas. Therefore, effective room ventilation is a high priority in hygiene concepts, in order to counteract elevated concentrations of hazardous materials. However, room characteristics and winter weather can make natural ventilation more difficult. Using an asecos PURIFIAIR.620 can significantly reduce viral loads and pollution in indoor areas. Fresh air must be supplied to the rooms via natural or technical ventilation. The PURIFIAIR.620 offers the following advantages: ››› The mobile design allows the purifier to be used flexibly in different areas of the building. ››› The built-in PM1.0 sensor and colour display allow users to quickly identify and easily read off the particle concentration in the indoor atmosphere in four levels (green/low to red/high concentration). ››› PURIFIAIR.620 stand out for their high-quality materials and robust design. ››› Large filter units ensure a long service life. The purifiers have low energy requirements, resulting in low usage costs. PURIFI AIR.620 Air purifiers can be used in a wide range of different areas. ! Air purifiers should not be considered a subs- titute for a fresh air supply. Over time, they only deliver efficient results if the filter is replaced at regular intervals according to the electronic display.