asecos Main catalogue 2022 - Working safely with hazardous substances

330 Return of the cleaned air into the working area Fresh air supply from the working area Recirculating air filter systems Your advantages ››› Avoid complex wall and ceiling openings and expensive exhaust air ducts ››› High flexibility in choosing the installation location ››› Active personal protection through safe capture of harmful vapours with retention in the filter system ››› Very low noise, only approx. 23 dB (A) ››› Principle avoidance of hazardous area zones inside and around the safety storage cabinet Product features and commissioning: Filter technology • Activated carbon (main filter) and broadband activated carbon (secondary filter) as absorbent filter media • Filter housing made of reusable plastic (ABS) - used filters are sustainably reprocessed after return • In the unlikely event of a filter breach, the secondary filter provides additional safety Exhaust air monitoring • Permanent, electronic monitoring of the exhaust air volume • Visual and audible alarm with potential-free alarm contact Filter monitoring • Permanent monitoring of the filter saturation • 2-stage alarm: optical via the display, acoustic via warning tone and with potential-free alarm contact Assembly, easy and safe in only 2 steps: • Position the recirculation filter unit on the cabinet ceiling • Plug in the mains supply • Use the optional potential-free contact to give an alarm The flexible solution for complying with national occupational exposure limits and for avoiding a build-up of explosive atmospheres in solvent safety cabinets