asecos Main catalogue 2022 - Working safely with hazardous substances

Technical ventilation of safety storage cabinets can be achieved by: ››› Connection to an exhaust air that will be ducted to a safe location outdoors ››› Integration into an existing exhaust air system Apart from these, the following products can be used: ››› Recirculating air filter units (UFA) ››› Safety storage cabinets with an integrated recirculating air filter module For all solutions, there must be a minimum air exchange of 10 times per hour. When using recirculating air filter units or recirculating air filter modules, practical tests have shown that fires in the adsorption filters – as known from large industrial plants – do not occur if the recirculating air filter is equipped with a continuously acting protective device. Certain hazardous substances may only be stored in technically ventilated safety storage cabinets with a fire resistance of at least 90 minutes. These are flammable hazardous substances labelled with H224 and those with ignition temperatures below 200 °C (e.g. diethyl ether or carbon disulphide). Opened compressed gas cylinders may also only be stored in technically ventilated safety storage cabinets. There must be no ignition sources inside the safety cabinet. If this cannot be guaranteed, measures must be taken to avoid ignition sources, depending on the risk assessment. The cabinets must be grounded via a potential equalisation. Thus, the following zone classification has to be applied in the safety cabinet for flammable liquids: In practice, the above-mentioned conditions should be negligible, i.e. no zoning and therefore no explosion protection document is required for ventilated safety storage cabinets. Recirculating air filter unit from page 330 Recirculating air filter storage cabinets from page 92 Technical ventilation: Exhaust air system or recirculating air filter unit Natural ventilation: NO ZONE Conditions: Container closed no filling / decanting in the cabinet no exposure If not: ZONE 2 ZONE 2 Conditions: Container closed no filling / decanting in the cabinet no exposure if not: ZONE 1 inside ZONE 2 outside r = 2,5m | h = 0,5 m Health protection through compliance with workplace limits must always be ensured when handling hazardous substances. Solvents can be safely transferred and processed in hazardous material workplaces. Further information can be found in the chapter „Hazardous material workplaces“ from page 336. Please observe local legislation and regulations. 31