asecos Main catalogue 2022 - Working safely with hazardous substances

ADVANTAGES: ››› No health hazards for the employees ››› Occupational exposure limit values (OEL) are safely complied with Recirculating air filter cabinets from p. 292 2 1 asecos safey storage cabinets for the storage of acids and alkalis in buildings and workrooms The main objective of acid and alkali cabinets is to store aggressive acids and alkalis safely and protected from unauthorised access. asecos cabinets provide protection for people and the environment thanks to their particularly robust and high-quality construction and their safety features. In all consequence this means that ››› valid rules and laws are observed ››› You as an entrepreneur are not personally liable ››› no persons are harmed High quality and long lasting ››› The tall cabinets have an outer body made of epoxy-coated sheet steel and an inner body made of highly resistant melamine-coated special boards. ››› The underbench cabinets are made entirely of highly resistant melamine-coated special boards and are optionally available with metal housing. ››› All cabinets are GS-tested (conformity according to EN 16121/16222) Interior equipment ››› All cabinets contain pull-out drawers incl. approved bottom collecting sumps made of polyethylene. ››› Optionally available with a compartment for storing hydrofluoric acid inside the cabinet. This is separately lockable and is also extracted via the technical ventilation of the cabinet. Safe separate storage ››› The vertical or horizontal dividing wall creates two hermetically separated storage compartments. Ventilation With their special construction, the cabinets are prepared for connection to a technical ventilation system. Through the supply air in the outer walls (1) and exhaust air in the centre partition (2), the vapours are directly extracted at each storage level in both storage compartments. The technical ventilation can be carried out e.g. via a suitable exhaust air system on site (exhaust air ducting to a non-hazardous location outdoors) or recirculating air filter modules. The following products can be used independently of this: ››› Acid and alkali cabinets with integrated recirculating air filter module Health protection through compliance with workplace limits must always be ensured when handling hazardous substances. Dangerous substances can be safely transferred and processed in hazardous material workplaces. Further information can be found in the chapter „Hazardous material workplaces“ from page 336. 279 Please observe local legislation and regulations.