asecos Main catalogue 2022 - Working safely with hazardous substances

asecos safety storage cabinets in accordance with EN 14470-2 for the safe storage of compressed gas cylinders in buildings and workrooms – ... ››› are considered to be a storage section (storage section = part of a warehouse that is separated from other storage sections or neighbouring rooms). ››› are special facilities for storing and holding and emptying compressed gas cylinders in working spaces. ››› enable compressed gas cylinders of different gases to be stored in the cabinet or to be connected or made available for emptying. Compliance with protective distances can be omitted. ››› ensure the highest possible protection of the compressed gas cylinders against critical heating (max. temperature increase on the surface of the cylinder valve holder of 50 K up to 90 minutes). asecos safety storage cabinets in accordance with EN 14470-2 offer you: Legal certainty in procurement and use ››› Standardised, tested product with complete approval documentation: Fire test certificate, GS certification with conformity according to the requirements of EN 16121/16122, EC Declaration of Conformity Long-term safety and risk minimisation ››› Fulfilment of the elementary requirements of fire and explosion protection ››› Minimisation of unprotected storage ››› Reduction of fire loads in the building ››› Protection of employees from fire and explosion hazards as well as harmful vapours (technical ventilation) Flexibility ››› Flexible choice of storage locations within buildings - the cabinet simply moves to the new location. ››› Offers the option – as it is fire-resistant – to be installed in corridors if, for example, this does not restrict the width of the escape route (in consultation with the fire brigade or fire protection authorities). ››› High flexibility for local use with small pipe network. ››› Simple retrofitting in existing buildings (without existing central storage rooms). ››› Thanks to a large product portfolio with a multitude of models and interior equipments, the safety storage cabinet can be optimally adapted to your applications and bottle sizes. Saving time and money ››› In principle, the safety cabinet is immediately ready for operation after delivery and installation. No further approval procedures or individual permits are necessary. ››› There is no need for complex modifications, as the cabinet can be easily integrated into the local conditions. ››› Reduces the required pipeline length to a minimum. ››› Greatly reduces the consumption of flushing gases. ››› Simple control / process / gas shortage display monitoring. Please observe local legislation and regulations. 251