asecos Main catalogue 2022 - Working safely with hazardous substances

176 The giant Safe and approved storage of large containers and drums (V = 200 litres). Grounding Safety whilst decanting; continous internal and external earthing link; interior space with up to 3 m earthing wire incl. clamp. Individual Rack system with height adjustable storage levels (optional) allows the efficient use of existing storage capacities. High flexibility Transport base for simple in house transport. No unauthorised use Doors lockable with profile cylinder and cylinder lock. Ventilation Even ventilation and extraction of the entire cabinet interior. Integrated air ducts ready for connection (DN 75) to a technical exhaust system. The potential formation of explosive atmospheres or harmful vapours is safely prevented. XL-LINE | XL-CLASSIC-90 Safety storage cabinets for unrestricted storage of flammable hazardous materials in work areas in accordance with EN 14470-1 and TRGS 510