asecos Main catalogue 2022 - Working safely with hazardous substances

159 You enjoy up to a 10 year manufacturer warranty, depending on the service rate you select. We can carry out 98% of all the repairs in case of manufactured products within the scope of the deadline for the safety-related inspection – this means just one visit to you and saves money too. You have our guarantee as experts familiar with all regulations, guidelines, and cabinet design requirements. The asecos team monitors your service date schedule and tells you about upcoming inspections. Comprehensive service network Our safety technology inspection fulfils the requirements of EG directive 89/391/EC. Complete, consistent documentation and availability of all spare parts (min. 10 years). The protective function of your safety storage cabinet (serving as a fire bulkhead for stored hazardous materials in case of a fire) is permanently ensured, extending the service life of your system. The asecos service: Your advantages at a glance