The asecos world

With our unique and interactive experience with hazardous substances, we convey specialist and expert knowledge in innovative ways.

True to our intentions – increasing safety in labs, industrial plants, and workshops.

Discover the asecos world!

Discover the asecos world!

Visitors to asecos world can test, refresh, and expand their knowledge on hazardous substances on guided tours. Rather than classroom based learning, the asecos concept focuses on the interactive and independent development of content.

The theory and practice offered in the asecos world is extensive and designed to be interactive. A tour through the asecos world can be customised based on the respective level of knowledge of the group of visitors.

asecos world

We don’t want to give too much away at this point, but a visit to the asecos world is worth it!

Here’s a video of a small section of the asecos world!

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asecos world

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