Safety storage cabinets on the move: The asecos show truck

The asecos show truck offers demonstrative, practical advice for safe storage of hazardous substances directly on site. The mobile exhibit allows for a comprehensive look at safe storage of hazardous substances and provides a chance to convey all information on the topic in a practical way – for customers and specialist retailers directly on site.

The asecos showtruck is ideal for use at in-house trade fairs, regional events or exhibitions and is on the road throughout Europe.

asecos show truck

Everything on board – practical advice and optimal decision-making tools

The show truck offers support and assists in choosing the right lab or industrial equipment. The products displayed on the mobile exhibition include various versions of safety storage cabinets, a hazardous goods workstation, circulation filter technology, and much more. The products’ ease of use, storage volumes, and technical details can be examined and “thoroughly put to the test” on site. From shelves to pull-out trays, all equipment options for configuring the inside of a hazardous substance cabinet are on display.

A large wall of samples also offers visitors the chance to get more in-depth information on the construction and function of a safety storage cabinet or recirculating air filter system. In addition, those interested can learn all about maintenance and services.


Being better informed means better safety

However, safety cannot be guaranteed by the correct technical equipment alone. The person using it is still key. asecos therefore plays an active part in providing information on the storage and handling of hazardous substances.
During experimental lectures, employees - from trainees to old hands - get a look at what carelessness can cause when working with hazardous substances, such as deflagrations, explosions, and other chemical reactions. Video presentations and information brochures also provide information on the risks of inadequate hazardous substance storage.

The products presented on the asecos show truck include various versions of safety storage cabinets, a hazardous material work station, a recirculating air filter system, and much more. The new asecos show truck offers demonstrative, practical advice for safe storage of hazardous substances.

 Interior asecos show truck
 Interior asecos show truck

Total of 18 square metres of presentation space

The new asecos mobile is ready for action on site in no time: a platform that lowers out to the side creates a presentation area of about 18 square metres. The show truck is sheltered and has side parts that close - making it weather-proof. The area inside the mobile can be used for live experimental lectures or other presentations and lectures. An LED monitor and other multimedia options provide information on more than 3,000 other products that comply with legal regulations on the storage of hazardous materials.

The show truck is available year-round. If you would like to learn more about other technical details or a possible date for your own trade fair, just write us an e-mail at

 Interior asecos show truck

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