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Our new asecos academy offers training and seminars on topics related to hazardous materials storage and handling. Regardless of whether you need basic knowledge or need to cover a specific topic, whether you are a user, planner, architect or authorised asecos dealer – the asecos academy delivers sound expert knowledge in a practical way, in line with the needs of each target audience. Our academy concept uses a modular structure, meaning the individual components can be combined to create a custom-tailored training programme.

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The academy components – combine for maximum flexibility:

asecos academy

Here’s our academy brochure – just click the image!

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  • Online training


    Thanks to the most modern technical equipment, we can also offer a large range of asecos academy training courses worldwide as online training courses from our training center in Gründau.

    As with our face-to-face events, our online training courses are held by asecos experts. You will receive competent, practice-oriented knowledge directly from the expert on the topics of hazardous materials storage and handling.

  • Single- and multi-day training courses

    Single- and multi-day training courses

    Our seminars are tailored to the requirements of everyday work and practice, and cover a wide spectrum of issues, from basic knowledge to highly specific topics.

    In addition to internal asecos experts, renowned specialists also share their knowledge through our seminars.

  • asecos world – the heart of the academy!

    asecos world
    asecos world

    asecos world is the never-before-seen interactive information experience for the topic of hazardous substances!

    Visitors to asecos world can test, refresh, and expand their knowledge of hazardous materials with guided tours.

    Rather than classroom based learning, the asecos concept focuses on the interactive and independent development of content.

    The asecos world offers a vast range of theoretical and practical programmes, with an interactive design.

    Tours through the asecos world can be individually adapted to the knowledge base of each visiting group.

  • asecos Showroom

    asecos showroom

    The range of asecos safety storage cabinets is on display in our showroom, where training is conducted directly on the product in modern, multimedia equipped surroundings.

    Participants are encouraged to try out the products for themselves.

    Please contact us at or using our contact form.

  • Experimental presentation

    Experimental presentation

    Combined with well-prepared background knowledge, our practical presentations with live experiments stimulate participants in how to safely and correctly handle hazardous materials.

  • Specialist lectures

    Specialist lectures

    asecos experts and external speakers regularly give exciting specialist lectures to inform participants on current topics related to storing hazardous materials.

    They provide professional expertise in a way that allows participants to transfer the knowledge directly into practice.

    Please contact us at or using our contact form.

  • asecos show truck

    asecos show truck

    We bring our mobile product exhibition directly to your door. This makes it possible to train large groups of employees, either at your site or a suitable location.

    The interactive mobile exhibition provides a comprehensive look at the product lines for the type 90 safety storage cabinets, as well as ventilation and filtration of hazardous substances. This allows large groups of employees, for example, to receive training directly on-site.

  • Technical and informational brochures

    Technical and informational brochures

    The asecos hazardous materials brochure and our multilingual HazMat Guides summarise technical knowledge in a sound and easy to understand way.

    This allows users to review what they have learned at any time.

    Request your personal sample hazardous substance brochure here.

  • Expert info: Laws, regulations, media service, and more

    Expert info: Laws, regulations, media service, and more

    Which laws and ordinances must be observed when handling hazardous substances?
    Where can I find out how my hazardous substance must be stored?
    Is 3D or BIM data available for asecos safety storage cabinets?

    The asecos academy provides the answers to these questions and many more in the Expert info area.

  • Video portal

    asecos academy video portal

    In the video portal, we explain individual functions of safety storage cabinets and other general topics on hazardous substance storage with the help of short clips. Among other things, we show:

    – the serious consequences that can be caused by improper storage of flammable liquids,
    – a fire test and the effects of 3 different types of safety storage cabinets,
    – the safety features of a type 90 safety storage cabinet according to EN 14470-1,
    – everything to consider when a safety storage cabinet is delivered,
    – and much more ...

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