The Importance of Safety Inspections


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Why regular safety inspections are a requirement with your new asecos safety cabinet.

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It is important that the cabinets are maintained to ensure that they remain within the required standards. Over time, from misuse and general wear, the equipment may fall out of the recommended safety standards. To help you prevent this, our service team are here to ensure that your safety is not compromised thus providing complete peace of mind.



  • Aftersales and what happens when you receive a new cabinet
  • User care and maintenance training
  • Product repairs
  • Safety inspections
  • Ongoing support


Type of training: Online

The online event will take place via the video conferencing platform "Zoom". You can find more information about Zoom here.


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Presenter: Darran Furness, Internal Service Administrator asecos Ltd.

 Darran Furness, Internal Service Administrator asecos Ltd.

Darran Furness, Internal Service Administrator asecos Ltd.

Darran Furness has over 20 years experience in the service sector, having worked with a number of FTSE 100 companies. Since joining asecos Ltd in April 2022, Darran has expanded our UK service offering, whilst emphasising the importance of safety inspections to new and existing customers.


Target Group

This webinar is suitable for all customers and dealers who wish to delve into the topic of "The Importance of Safety Inspections" and gain further insights.


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