asecos Live - Online CPD programme

Event location: Online

Duration: 1 hour

Event date: On request

Participation fee: Free

asecos Live - Online CPD programme

The lecture

This CPD will discuss how to select the correct storage cabinets for integration into the modern laboratory. Topics covered will include current storage legislation, hazardous materials – what are they and why are they dangerous, the purpose of an effective storage cabinet solution - features and benefits, cabinets types - what’s available and what’s important - design features of BS EN 14470 and how to specify appropriate storage solutions and integrate into your design stage. By the end of the seminar you should have a greater understanding of:

  • The need for correct storage and the important elements to be considered.
  • The common questions to ask in the design process
  • The storage selection process - start to finish
  • How to create a specification for a storage solution
  • Where to access Technical data, CAD drawings, BIM content (STEP, Revit), product images, tender specifications.



Included services

  • Extensive seminar documentation
  • Certificate of participation


What is a online training?

A online training is a seminar held over the Internet. Participants receive a link to a web page that provides access to the online training. There, slides are presented and participants can discuss with each other. The participants can have the audio signal transmitted via telephone or a headset (headphones with microphone). To participate in the online training, you only need an Internet-capable computer and a telephone or headset.



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RIBA-approved CPD

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The CPDs are assessed by RIBA and carry the prestige, good name and industry respect that the RIBA, as a 167-year-old professional institution, provides. All material is rigorously assessed within strict best practice guidelines by one of their team of assessors, all of whom are RIBA members and practicing architects. RIBA frequently re-visits the assessment process to fit in with changes in best practice guidelines and also carries out quality audits to maintain high standards.

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