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Which laws and ordinances must be observed when handling hazardous substances?

Where can I find out how my hazardous substance must be stored?

Is 3D or BIM data available for asecos safety storage cabinets?

You can find answers to these and other questions on the following pages.

Expert info

Laws and regulations

German Occupational Safety and Health Act, Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, Ordinance on Hazardous Substances, TRGS 510 Storage of Hazardous Substances in Non-stationary Containers, TRBS 3145, and TRGS 745 Non-stationary Compressed Gas Containers...

You can download the laws and regulations here in PDF format.

 Laws and regulations

The asecos media service

Are you a technical planner or architect, and need technical information on planning safety storage cabinets?

With our media service, you can easily and conveniently access technical data, drawings, 3D data (BIM data), images, specification texts, operating instructions, certificates, and test reports for all our products.

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 The asecos media service

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