Activation key for filter change UFA.025.030

With the purchase of a recirculating air filter attachment (UFA) for venting your safety cabinet, you have decided against costly wall penetrations and expensive exhaust air lines.
Now it is time to change the filter. To activate the new filter after the change, you need an activation key. You can request this easily and conveniently using this form.

 asecos recirculation air filter attachment UFA.025.030 filter change

Request activation key - very simple in 3 steps

You have received a document with your new filter. You can request your activation key as follows:

1. Transfer the filter code from the accompanying document to the corresponding form field.

2. Transfer the serial number you noted on the accompanying document into the corresponding form field.

3. Request your activation key by clicking "Send activation key“.

You will then receive the activation key for your new filter by email. Note the activation key on the accompanying document and enter it directly via the display on the recirculating air filter attachment to activate the new filter.

Do you have several recirculation air filter attachments and want to change and activate several filters on different units? Please repeat steps 1 - 3 described above for each unit.


 asecos accompanying document filter change UFA.025.030

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