Termini e Condizioni Generali

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    Orders accepted by the seller shall be subject to these conditions of sale. No other conditions shall apply unless agreed in writing by the seller.


    A cancellation fee will be applicable for all goods manufactured to order. The charge will be determined at an appropriate rate to recover costs incurred by the seller. For items not manufactured to order, a 25% restocking charge will be applicable at the discretion of the seller.


    All prices are quoted ex-works. Carriage will be charged at the applicable rate, and may include the cost of loading and unloading as determined by the seller.


    Any dispatch estimates quoted by us are given in good faith. We will not be liable for any failure to meet such estimates. We reserve the right to make part deliveries.


    Whilst risk of goods shall pass on delivery, legal and beneficial ownership of goods will remain the property of the seller until such time as payment has been received in full.


    In advance or subject to individual negotiation.


    The return of goods will not be accepted in any circumstances without written prior agreement by the seller. Returned items will be subject to any inspection, handling carriage or repacking charge as applicable.


    Should the buyer not receive the correct quantity, or if goods are received in a damaged condition, then the buyer should mark the delivery document as appropriate. The seller should then be notified immediately in writing, as claims will not be accepted beyond three days from receipt of goods. The goods will be dispatched free from defect and in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. In the event of any damage or claim against the product then the decision wether to replace the defective goods or to repair them shall be at the discretion of asecos and subject to the condition under which the article has been installed and used. Any costs incurred due to unjustified complaint will be recovered from the customer.


    asecos Ltd. or asecos GmbH will not be liable for any occurance of damage to the product, property, or persons, or third party injury as a result of incorrect
    movement and/or handling of the product.


    All data, photographs and illustrations are correct at time of print. The supplier reserves the right to change any data in accordance with current custom, practice and manufacturing procedures, without notification to the customer.

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