Your contacts for the USA

Here you will find your contact persons for the United States. You can access the contact persons for the asecos companies via the language selection on the website or as follows:

We offer comprehensive services around our product range in the areas of hazardous material storage and handling, as well as air purification. Contact us!

  • asecos team

    Contact our sales team for competent specialist counselling on the telephone or on-site. We will be happy to provide assistance and resolve any queries you may have in relation to our products and services.

      •  Sascha Kunkel, President, CEO

        President, CEO

        Sascha Kunkel

        Tel.:+1 (917) 362 5014Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      •  Antje Behnsen

        Technical Sales

        Antje Behnsen

        Tel.:+49 6051 9220-554Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      •  Robine Müller

        Technical Sales

        Robine Müller

        Tel.:+49 6051 9220-546Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      •  Maurice Straub

        Technical Sales

        Maurice Straub

        Tel.:+49 6051 9220-541Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      •  Sarah Kosalla

        Technical Sales

        Sarah Kosalla

        Tel.:+49 6051 9220-994Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      • Daniel Schnell

        Back Office

        Daniel Schnell

        Tel.:+49 6051 9220-557Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      •  Jasmin Nusch

        Back Office

        Jasmin Nusch

        Tel.:+49 6051 9220-68Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      • Stefanie Weber

        Back Office

        Stefanie Weber

        Tel.:+49 6051 9220-561Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

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