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Expert knowledge on the storage and handling of hazardous materials for your safety

Global Markets region map: The current international asecos region map gives you everything at a glance: Structured according to countries/sales areas, the map provides a convenient overview of your asecos contacts and area sales managers worldwide.

You can download the useful asecos region map here.

More details on the in-house and field service team:

Global Markets regional map

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  • asecos team

    Contact our sales team for competent specialist counselling on the telephone or on-site.

    We will be happy to provide assistance and resolve any queries you may have in relation to our products and services.

    • asecos contacts UK & Ireland – team based in UK

      •  Mark Whiteley, Area Sales Manager UK & Ireland

        UK & Ireland Manager (region: Northern UK & Ireland)

        Mark Whiteley

        Tel.:+44 (0) 7880 435 436Fax:+49 (0) 6051 9220-10

      •  Les Day

        Regional Sales Manager UK (region: Southern UK)

        Les Day

        Tel.:+44 7793 650 538Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      •  Bryn Radford

        Service Technican UK

        Bryn Radford

        Tel.:+44 (0) 7341 8499 85Fax:+49 (0) 6051 9220 10

    • Sales Team Global Markets

      •  Sascha Kunkel, Vice President / Global Markets

        Vice President / Global Markets

        Sascha Kunkel

        Tel.:+49 6051 9220-67Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      • Dominik Reuter, Area Sales Manager Europe

        Area Sales Manager Europe

        Dominik Reuter

        Tel.:+49 6051 9220-87Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      • Ruby Hu

        Sales Manager China Market

        Ruby Hu

        Tel.:+86 512 5353 0193Fax:+49 6051 9220-10Mob.:+86 139 624 18165

      • Sven Kretschmer

        Regional Sales Manager Asia-Pacific

        Sven Kretschmer

        Tel.:+49 160 9966 3418Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      • Vaibhav Sawant

        Regional Sales Manager India & SAARC

        Vaibhav Sawant

        Tel.:+91 96194 44132Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      •  Alexandra Kloos

        Business Development

        Alexandra Kloos

        Tel.:+49 6051 9220-41Fax:+49 6051 9220-727

      • Ricarda Goertz

        Team Leader Inside Sales Global Markets

        Ricarda Goertz

        Tel.:+49 6051 9220-32Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      •  Antje Behnsen

        Technical Sales

        Antje Behnsen

        Tel.:+49 6051 9220-554Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      • Marius Zürn

        Technical Sales

        Marius Zürn

        Tel.:+49 6051 9220-552Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      • Sarah Kosalla

        Back Office

        Sarah Kosalla

        Tel.:+49 6051 9220-557Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      • Back Office

        Robine Müller

        Tel.:+49 6051 9220-546Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

      • Chiara Klonnek

        Back Office

        Chiara Klonnek

        Tel.:+49 6051 9220-551Fax:+49 6051 9220-10

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